My declaration of love, life goes Extinguishing

Life is one, and is so short, we are just going almost without noticing, in the ticking of the clock, counting the days, weeks, months, of years
every second, is like the flutter of life, that we will fly like a thought, or as chaff that the wind,
every time we look in the mirror, someone noticed that we were, and leaves us hardly know us
taste the flavors of life, those tastes good, as is to share life with a good wife. a good husband,
is becoming increasingly difficult when so many and so many, they contaminate the taste of love with the bitter taste of infidelity, leaving badly wounded to the heart,
killing and stealing trust peace, marking the life experiences that make us mourn, and almost make us believe that life is beautiful, that life is good
and to be extinguished like a candle flame ….
If you see something in me, you can sweeten your life, and remove the bitter heartbreak that put on you, do not hesitate to take it, I will offer, with all the best that is in me, I offer it because I feel so ,
because I want it, and I do not want that life ends with the event of a bad experience, but at the end of the story, the story of your life and my life really have a happy ending
If your destiny is my destiny crossed on the way, do something good in the name of love, leaving the past behind, let’s launch into life, and enjoy life together, building our future and building a family, take this opportunity to give us life .. by Derwell De Jesus Fallu
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Alerta! Mundial, noticias en caliente.

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El que tenga la suya.

Dios hizo a la mujer para el hombre, para que este, en ella tuviera su corazón la razón para amar,  para que fuera de la vida su compañera, su ayuda ideal y su recurso para construir con ella la familia. El hombre con la mujer cumple plenamente la naturaleza del propósito de Dios que hace perfecta su creación. El que tenga la suya que la quiera, que la disfrute, porque Dios la creó para ser del hombre su compañera. Por Derwell J Fallu

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