My declaration of love, life goes Extinguishing

Life is one, and is so short, we are just going almost without noticing, in the ticking of the clock, counting the days, weeks, months, of years
every second, is like the flutter of life, that we will fly like a thought, or as chaff that the wind,
every time we look in the mirror, someone noticed that we were, and leaves us hardly know us
taste the flavors of life, those tastes good, as is to share life with a good wife. a good husband,
is becoming increasingly difficult when so many and so many, they contaminate the taste of love with the bitter taste of infidelity, leaving badly wounded to the heart,
killing and stealing trust peace, marking the life experiences that make us mourn, and almost make us believe that life is beautiful, that life is good
and to be extinguished like a candle flame ….
If you see something in me, you can sweeten your life, and remove the bitter heartbreak that put on you, do not hesitate to take it, I will offer, with all the best that is in me, I offer it because I feel so ,
because I want it, and I do not want that life ends with the event of a bad experience, but at the end of the story, the story of your life and my life really have a happy ending
If your destiny is my destiny crossed on the way, do something good in the name of love, leaving the past behind, let’s launch into life, and enjoy life together, building our future and building a family, take this opportunity to give us life .. by Derwell De J Fallu
All rights reserved by the author

La vida y el tiempo.

La vida aquí es efímera y pasajera, que viaja en el tiempo, como una nube que es empujada por el viento. El tiempo de la vida para todos, aquí es muy corto; la verdad, más para unos, que para otros. Lo que puedas hacer, hazlo y disfruta mientras pueda cada uno de tus momentos, porque tampoco sabemos con precisión cuando emprenderemos el viaje al mundo desconocido en esa ruta a lo eterno. Por Derwell J Fallu

Coincidence, or an official event on the destination’s agenda?

Many blessings for you, who went to the Church and when you returned home, you remembered how beautiful it was to be in the house of God to share with the brothers in the same spirit of adoration and of gratitude to our heavenly father, for all the blessings that we receive daily from Him …
Because the blessing comes every day …

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Coincidencia, o un evento oficial de la agenda del destino?

Muchas bendiciones para ​ti,​ que fu​iste​ a la Iglesia y​ al​ regres​ar​ ​a tu casa, recordaste lo hermoso que resulto estar en la casa de Dios para compartir con los hermanos en un mismo espíritu de adoración y de gratitud a nuestro padre celestial por todas las bendiciones que diariamente de El recibimos …

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What you should know about marriage.

Being married is the best life experience for anyone. But only, if the marriage is carried out to fulfill the divine purposes, which was good, in God foreseen for the constitution of the sacred marriage, because otherwise, the creator would not have said so.
At the beginning of creation, man, as it is read, in the beginning of his life, had everything, he was owner and steward of the world. But having it all did not provide him with that sense of happiness that comes from living a full life.
The word that defines the state of a full life is, “good” therefore, it was not good for man to live alone without the element that defines married life.
Marriage must comply with three fundamental principles, which are; 1- Fellowship; 2- Ideal help, and 3- Evolution or the family that arises from reproducing.
In order for a couple, who decides to come together to share life, like a marriage, to function, in addition to clearly understanding the meaning of being married, they must feel, that one is literally a part of the other, like, when, God, by taking a rib from the man to create the woman, and gave it to him; Adan said; now this is bone of my bones and meat of my meat … Like this; that the two will be one flesh.
I must emphasize that the term “bone of my bones” the woman in her singular form, as a bone of the man, comes to be the plural form of the bones of this, simply because the woman is taken from the man. there are mysteries, such as the unsolved case, of who came first; If the chicken or the egg, because we all know that man, not only came first, but also, woman was created from man and for man.
If wanting to be next to someone, as a couple, is not seen according to what all this means, there will be no point in wanting to be united, and the union, in addition to the fact that it could become a failed society in the short or medium term, neither could the will of God be fully fulfilled in these ways.
By Derwell J Fallu