Not An Option

Not An Option

Author Explanatory note: The only mention the subject of homoxesualismo, many judge him of homophobia, but I want to make clear that we only present the subject in an investigative angle, in order to shed enough light to help us understand well, this issue in all its dimensions.

In my theme: “A call to reflection, which I published in various magazines and social networking sites, talking to a person involved in what I presented in my subject, and in his reaction, in an effort to defend their homoxesualismo position and practice of, (that from the Biblical standpoint and logistics, I had presented as an act condemned by God and moral society), I argued in its defense, and I quote: May your life and Practice of Homoxesualismo, was a matter of sexual preference, this suggested that the fact of being a “preference” as to legal, so nobody should be seen as an aberration, not a sin. The appointment ends. To which I replied: A principle of law of life, given by the Divine Creator, in relation to the family says, quote, {for those who read the Bible}: Then the LORD God made Adam fall deep sleep and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead. And the rib, which the Lord took the man into a woman, and brought the man. Adam said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, because the man was taken. Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. Génesis2 :21-25. The appointment ends. It is evident that this principle of law, in relation to the family, position or role of each, is more than clear. In addiction, which was the original plan of playing, which does not fit in the relationship of same-sex couples. So, your argument to justify sexual preference and / or defend their position sinful is not valid, or is justified. It is also evident, which is only a wish, which is based on something that is against nature. the preferred term … does not apply in many cases, by their nature, and the laws governing life and human behavior, and the subject matter is one of these cases. For if we accept that it is valid, the terms (SEXUAL PREFERENCE) here, also seems to suggest or confirm (as) that support sex with animals, prostitutes, lesbians etc. judge for yourself, my dear reader. I want to clarify, I have nothing personal to those practicing this kind of practice, on the contrary, what I do here is to express my concern about the risks that this involves for them, and of course, my contribution to these starting to become aware, and determined to see things from another perspective, so that somehow interested in looking for tools and resources to help you acquire his release, and resume at the same time, his original position, as established by divine law and human law, respect for moral and civic education. All sick, you should fight for their health, therefore, must find a good doctor, and do not get used to it by nature, is not normal life, nor has anything favorable to the welfare or health …. To my readers, good luck! If this article has been helpful, we want, we share your testimony, please write, Thanks.

The youth of our history, and Cuban descent, was targeted, and ended in the grounds of truth. Congratulations! now the opportunity is yours my dear reader.

Derwell J Fallu
your host

THE UGLY ..? There are no ugly women


Today I share with all those people who stop
to read my space on this page, what I think of
girls themselves are considered ugly, and also some of them think they are.
First, that in my personal dictionary, the word EOF,
not exist as an attribute or adjective with which people could draw .. Second: To acknowledge and make public that the girls
some consider ugly and even themselves if they think that like all, were also created,
with the same rights to love and be loved. Third: That they deserve all the respect and admiration,
that as a special creature, have come to play in this world
a role of singular importance. I conclude by expressing my expose and support,
publicly, to be most special of all creatures,
around the world: women. And I ask all the girls,
recognize the role of women in this universe and do so
with pride that every one in particular, either
of race, color or ideology, came to qualify for this world, for what they are and
what they represent. My admiration, honor and respect for women ….
By: Derwell Pinales,

A prince for love
Some comments of my readers,
the subject in question

princesa1358, 48 M
Hello how are you I agree with you that there are no
ugly people. not nice because the variety is the spice
there will always be someone who looks different and all have
right would be loved and outer beauty means nothing
in relation to inner beauty. a kiss from her friend Marcia

breomis, 34 M
Hi, I loved your article, because
in my case there was a time in my life that I felt
the ugliest woman in the world, yet I wondered if
I’m ugly, then where is my luck, hahaha, not
seriously, I think nobody should we feel ugly, because
which in the end what counts is our essence, what
we have inside and our actions, but if it’s good
suddenly someone tells us we’re beautiful, not
of more than greetings and I would love to be your friend, well, if your

If you loved me

If you loved me

If you loved me
what a joy if you kiss me

if you loved me
The Nightingale, her melodious warbling song to the window we would carry

If you loved me
what a joy if you kiss me

if you loved me joy to be heard barking dog

If you loved me
what a joy if you kiss me

if you loved me, sprouting flowers and accented with smooth
were filled by rain and wind

If you loved me
what a joy if you kiss me …

I finally love! and all, everyone knows, the dog, birds,
flowers, the seas, everybody, everybody knows …
and today, you’re so mine, and we were alone in the empty house …!

For Derwell J Fallu A prince for love

The Power to Do Good

The Power to Do Good

Many people, thinking and dreaming of goals and things, and many are prepared, doing what they have to do to achieve their goals. Many fail, some not, Some try to feel the satisfaction of a dream come true. Others, only fatigue and frustration, having failed in the attempt.

From an early age, cherished, the undeniable truth that the existence of man and all living things is only possible through a sequence or events in chains, making it dependent on a whole. Put another way: All of us need. Examples: To be dressed, we need to make and sell the clothing, to have a car, which we need to do it and sell it, etc, etc.

However, and despite this undeniable fact, there are many people who just believe in themselves, in what they are or what they want to be, which can hardly have time to think a little in others.

As relevant to an event, such as dependency, what each can do for our coexistence, I think we need even more of those willing to collaborate to make possible that among humans, reach more and better quality of life for everyone, there are many who are working to look towards that goal, and I personally congratulate all those people. However, I think it takes more effort and more people of good will, definitely, our dwelling place, is a better world for everyone.

There is a strong call of God created the universe, for all without distinction of persons, race or color, with a voice like the sound of thunder, resounding in echoes, through valleys, mountains and hills, comes with a fine and clear esteofonica to all those reading this article, “Do not refuse to do well, who is due, when power to act.” He created the universe, but in the continued smooth operation thereof, has delegated the assignment, to work together to make this possible, which shows, how important and significant is for Him, our active collaboration with him, so that our accomplished throughout the world, with the aim of the Creator, for our world.

We know that there are many things we can do to meet this call to do good, and we also know that the economic factor plays an important role when it comes to wanting to meet this request. Therefore, it is well known that many, this can be done, to achieve this uphill task, but do not get discouraged if it feeds the desire to become a faithful contributor to the cause, you just have to define goals to be achieved through good planning, while you work, which can be handy.

What we can not, you do, what they are doing many, that far from help, with good cause to do good, are damaging and destroying in its path. Instead of healing the wounded, they killed, taking the lives of their neighbors, instead of giving a piece of bread to the hungry, are stealing and taking away even that you have nothing. That’s not the idea, that’s not the call. Though significantly, have gone astray, many of them even have time to retake it, and get in the right direction, for which they were brought to the existence of this world.

In my case, I take very seriously my life, and my participation, which is the subject matter. and my vision is to make more, my goal is to achieve a greater contribution as a contribution to the welfare of our world and society. I know I’m going to make, because although I am not a millionaire, I know I will be, because many of you believe in me, and I will support because they understand my vision. I am not satisfied with what I have already, this does not mean that I value, I’m not satisfied. Even so, I give thanks every day, and if you only think of me, do not need this view, because I can well fed and part of the basic things that make daily life. But is not that, it is that I wish to collaborate more actively and positively, to the benefit of the needy, when I say this is because I’m not thinking about me, but what I can, and I do for my neighbor .

I have met many people who claim to be made, with a job, just about enough to live, means debt. And I think … we’re going to do with these words of the divine creator, “Blessed is he who considers the poor, because in the evil day, God rescue him.” when what I get, I have barely enough to pay basic bills every month and buy food that hardly, if I get a month, in such a condition, life, I can think of poor me? The answer is more than obvious. Efforts should be made more, not for love of money, but for the love of our neighbor. That we feel, we’re really working with the cause of help to those who truly need it. Many people who are for life, with great sorrow, disease, who need medical assistance, who can not afford. People who need a roof for shelter, people who have dreams and goals, that limited resources can not address. People dying of hunger because you do not have a crust of bread. People living subhuman life, I think we indigna.Yo heed, the call to do good. Too have with people, that only works hard, to do harm, to become agents of evil, killing and bringing pain and death, as a pest, the only thing I know is to sting and kill with the poison of his wickedness.

I am calling to all my readers, that we are more realistic, we think both the others as well think of themselves. Because we depend on everyone because we are called up to do good, and we can only do so when we have power.

Next, I want to leave with the story of an experience I had, when he was a teenager I remember one afternoon, hot summer, worked as a mechanic at the docks, and soon passed by me, an army aoficial , a senior, and noticed that his gaze seemed somewhat derogatory, because I was fat dirty for my work as a mechanic, and was wearing some clothes with many ornaments, of those who just put him officer rank.

Given the weight of that gaze, I faced the officer, and no tremor in her voice, I said, mister officer, why look at me, with that look so contemptuous, those ornaments of their clothes make you feel super powerful right? But he stopped and looked very angry, but did not say a word. I kept saying: If anyone should feel great, is the one who made that dress you’re wearing, because you feel very big, the dress you wear, but nevertheless, another had to do it, so that you could go, because I am almost certain that you do not know. I said: That means that no one is bigger than anyone that all necesitaos of all. if you see the ruler, the chair you sit, feel the most powerful, but that chair, possibly made someone very poor and humilde.Se was silence. I did not say more, I thought it would kill me, but I approach, and putting his hand on my right shoulder, added: No one had told me so, boy, I think you can be a great lawyer, to defend the nation, Please studying law, I’m going to pay for your studies.

Thanks, I answered the officer, but I’m not interested in that career. I left his business card and told me please call me if you change your opinion, I’m going to pay for your studies..

The moral, you use your power for good, because we are all part of a whole. God bless you my dear reader, Thank you for your support and patronage.

For Derwell J Fallu
A prince for love

Love or Money …?

Love or Money …?

It will be really difficult for a very wealthy, find true love? ..

A lot of people, could happen, since they become, the target of those who call fortune hunting. They come in both genders, we know. They are very subtle, when conquering the person who will become his victim.

Sometimes, it is not difficult to seduce a rich man, because alike than not, they too have the need to love and be loved. Moreover, not only can become victims, who have no money, but also, for some ambitious, that although they have, but want, and get more, they are capable of the unimaginable.

It has been known the sad cases of people who have worked all life, hard and have lost all or nearly all, after a divorce. For in good faith, the affected party has not made the law, to protect your money, and that is when the person joined in the bond of marriage, not by love but by the benefits, would get by {a} to be married took advantage, working to perfection this plan.

It is very easy for a public person rich, get rid of a mean-spirited, so his public life. However, in a previous article published throughout the world in several languages, then present some key functional and can help detect, bribes can find true love.

Do not get discouraged, at this sad reality, because the issue of security to find, with whom we will join in a real bond of love is not an issue, only those with money, but also those who have less. because there are other phenomena influential, as are a real mess, when it comes to relationships.

For example: In its natural form, the woman usually takes very seriously, the state of a relationship. Not so happens with many men who take it more lightly, as a hobby, and with minimal risk. The woman is more responsible and more determined in its sentiment. So in this respect, women are more vulnerable in the relationship, and often do, leaving many injured as a result of a failed relationship.

So in any case, there are risks that are taken when someone tries to deliver, our trust, our love and our hearts. But as I mentioned in this article, there are precautionary measures we can take to minimize risks and the consequences that may come as a result of having made a bad choice.

My final advice for all and all my readers who do not carry the impulses, and emotions of the heart, without taking proper precautions to try to be safe, if the person to whom we give our love and everything the best we can deserve it. So we are to avoid suffering, and being disappointed by someone malicious,

Good luck! my dear reader.

For Derwell Pinales
A prince for love

When Love knocks at your door

Love is always lurking in the streets, on the corner, school … anywhere, sometimes we are silent victims of a love that makes your room here, deep inside our hearts … and usually look out for the windows of the soul (the eye), to watch at times, that our reason, that it has existed. But always, undermines our mind and even in sleep assaults us to engage in their pursuit of the goal, planning and dreaming each day, and imagining the beautiful things that the tender love, passionate and romantic always craves.

This can also be your love story, my dear reader. A story that inspired the author of this work of art, an experience almost negligible, so that we have available today, the poem that I titled: If you loved me. This poem, revealed in a combined form, a beautiful divine feeling and desire, they, at last, as in every story has a happy ending, failed to materialize … There are many who have lived similar stories to this that describes the issue we address here, and maybe my friend (a) lector (a), you are one of them … Enjoy!

For Derwell Pinales
A prince for love

Stop, you should read this!

Stop, you should read this!

In my country, as in many other countries, many
girls schoolgirls, that as a result of having sex
irresponsible, are pregnant, what you are doing,
Many of these resort to abortion, thus producing
an alarming increase in the number of abortions. It is of great
concern, for many reasons, of which I will mention some
of them below:

No.1-A young woman undergoes
an abortion, having had an unplanned pregnancy baked,
large irrigation puts health and thereby also endanger their life.

abortion, is indisputably a heinous crime,
is killing a defenseless creature, which is worse;
kill the fruit of her womb, her own child {a}, and

Is violating one of God’s commandments: Thou shalt not kill.
Therefore, it is a terrible sin.

For girls who are currently in your belly
the secret of an unwanted pregnancy, are the following
words ….

I take you by surprise, as not expected,
steps you took in your wrongdoing, and now plan to stay
quiet, or let the days to declare what’s inside

What has happened to you has happened to others, you must have
confidence and courage. Wake up, do not fret, do not detract
your life, every setback in life teaches you to grow …..

Do not say “NO”, you have not seen your face, hear his heart;
the beats demand your love …. Do not let him die, is so
tender and small, that perhaps at birth, seems safe

Every step in life, is another opportunity provided
the highest order to reach, so yesterday we got out of
hands. Still not over, no matter what the
world says, we must continue ….. Do not say no, yet
have not seen your face, hear your heart, beating claim
your love, do not let him die, is so tender and small, that such
once at birth, seems sure to tell you … NO NO.

For the girls, who are thinking about going to the adventure, for sex
irresponsible, please think of the consequences
this represents, in all everything has its risks …
time, is better prepared, as it should do, to enjoy the fullness
the blessing, of sex without fear, and with the least of
irrigation possible.

But it is important that you girls,
be the first to take the initiative in this matter,
therefore, are bearing the brunt, when not prepared,
to have an unwanted pregnancy as a result of having sex without proper planning.

I hope this article will be of great blessing for
all my readers, your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated
I ask, please recommend this article to your friends, relatives and acquaintances ….. Thanks

A prince for love.

Keys to finding true love

We were all born to love and be loved, however, when it comes to finding the right person with whom we share our lives, emotions, our successes, failures, illness, health, and over-all, we share intimately. With which we have decided to join our family, have our children … by the way, this is the most important part of the role that we have to play as a couple, by the enormous responsibility that this entails.

When we say, the right partner, we rule out a perfect, flawless. {} Because there are not, but a person with whom we merge perfectly, even though we know that is not a perfect person, so that our relationship can be a lasting, stable and very functional.

This way, first, because if it comes to having children, we will avoid them, the traumas that follow after a relationship destabilized, failed, rugged, and without proper planning and ensuring a greater percentage of welfare for children arrive. And, second, to avoid the wounds left by the lack of love, pain and tears I can stop in both directions, and the obstacles that this may suggest, for a second up, over-all, in the case of women, which is mostly lost and suffering in a failed relationship.

I suggest that sometimes both men and women, can be extremely selfish, in search of their partners, because they almost always forget to think of children which may include, as a result of marital cohabitation. Usually concentrate on what they expect from the other person, so they feel in their hearts. They focus more on the attraction that may exist between them, without assessing the results implied as a result of a serious union.

Then I will address some data that should be taken into account when looking for a partner:

No. 1 – A time to love, do not allow the heart, that their emotional impulses, to take our control. Heart and mind must work in harmony. This means that we must think with our hearts and assess whether it would be proper shelter and food, a feeling of love for the person {X}

No. 2 – At the time of giving our heart to someone, we must be sure that the person shows a real interest, and that you understand and know the responsibilities that come together in a bond of love. And

No. 3 – Assess the planning of consciousness, which both are willing to pursue and achieve together, including what they can do to feed the fire of his flame of love every day, so it does not intend to turn the relationship in a dormant volcano but one filled with lavas erupting burning.

And, with that in mind, we can say that it is prepared to face the difficult but exciting race to the conquest of true love.
If you do, you’ll feel the satisfaction of having known the true love …

Remember this, never fall in love alone, love is two, avoid much pain and suffering to your heart, if it can ignore me.

I hope this has helped you. to share their comments and suggestions.

Pinales Derwell
A prince of love
pa ‘what you want to send

Do not read this, please!

Do not read this, please!

My article published in the journal, entitled:

“A call to reflection” with an introduction to human behavior and moral terms, for me is very worrying, which presented in this article, because I think you have a content as transcendental, as is the question in that article.

What is happening with the current generation of our
world! I feel we’re falling apart morally and spiritually.
I feel that society is losing the essence of civility
and humanism, we are moving away gradually from reality
human beings in order to become insensitive, disrespectful
and unloved, with examples of crimes and violence, as we know it happens daily in our sister country, Mexico and many other parts of the world, is very worrying.

The family values ​​and human behavior in general, now seem
thing of the past, children have almost no respect for
parents, and almost no respect for life itself, is killed
people as is usual with animals …

It’s called good at what it is not, and bad it really is
Well … Where is the humanity!
World happens to us!
Dear reader, I wanted to share with you my great concern,
should you wish to join me in this great truth and to
a grain of sand, to call people in our
world to reflect, to get back on track back to the real
values ​​that govern life and we guarantee the real
peace. Recommend this article to other people, and send us your suggestions and comments.
Please, I appreciate it very much. Thanks.

Do not forget, I’m Derwell Pinales, your friend, a prince for love
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A Call Reflection (via centrovirtualprincipe)

Do not forget to say today: I love you to your loved one, if there is no tomorrow

A Call Reflection A Call Reflection Good morning! If you ask me, What would I believe the alternative, or tool, to have peace in the world, wars cease, and no more hunger and misery on our planet?? My answer would undoubtedly …'' LOVE.'' This would be, all we need to eradicate the root, evil crime, robbery, robbery, violence, hunger and misery. But "Love" should be re-directed in three directions {3} mandatory, for this to work. No. 1 – You have to believe in th … Read More

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