Stop, you should read this!

Stop, you should read this!

In my country, as in many other countries, many
girls schoolgirls, that as a result of having sex
irresponsible, are pregnant, what you are doing,
Many of these resort to abortion, thus producing
an alarming increase in the number of abortions. It is of great
concern, for many reasons, of which I will mention some
of them below:

No.1-A young woman undergoes
an abortion, having had an unplanned pregnancy baked,
large irrigation puts health and thereby also endanger their life.

abortion, is indisputably a heinous crime,
is killing a defenseless creature, which is worse;
kill the fruit of her womb, her own child {a}, and

Is violating one of God’s commandments: Thou shalt not kill.
Therefore, it is a terrible sin.

For girls who are currently in your belly
the secret of an unwanted pregnancy, are the following
words ….

I take you by surprise, as not expected,
steps you took in your wrongdoing, and now plan to stay
quiet, or let the days to declare what’s inside

What has happened to you has happened to others, you must have
confidence and courage. Wake up, do not fret, do not detract
your life, every setback in life teaches you to grow …..

Do not say “NO”, you have not seen your face, hear his heart;
the beats demand your love …. Do not let him die, is so
tender and small, that perhaps at birth, seems safe

Every step in life, is another opportunity provided
the highest order to reach, so yesterday we got out of
hands. Still not over, no matter what the
world says, we must continue ….. Do not say no, yet
have not seen your face, hear your heart, beating claim
your love, do not let him die, is so tender and small, that such
once at birth, seems sure to tell you … NO NO.

For the girls, who are thinking about going to the adventure, for sex
irresponsible, please think of the consequences
this represents, in all everything has its risks …
time, is better prepared, as it should do, to enjoy the fullness
the blessing, of sex without fear, and with the least of
irrigation possible.

But it is important that you girls,
be the first to take the initiative in this matter,
therefore, are bearing the brunt, when not prepared,
to have an unwanted pregnancy as a result of having sex without proper planning.

I hope this article will be of great blessing for
all my readers, your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated
I ask, please recommend this article to your friends, relatives and acquaintances ….. Thanks

A prince for love.


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