When Love knocks at your door

Love is always lurking in the streets, on the corner, school … anywhere, sometimes we are silent victims of a love that makes your room here, deep inside our hearts … and usually look out for the windows of the soul (the eye), to watch at times, that our reason, that it has existed. But always, undermines our mind and even in sleep assaults us to engage in their pursuit of the goal, planning and dreaming each day, and imagining the beautiful things that the tender love, passionate and romantic always craves.

This can also be your love story, my dear reader. A story that inspired the author of this work of art, an experience almost negligible, so that we have available today, the poem that I titled: If you loved me. This poem, revealed in a combined form, a beautiful divine feeling and desire, they, at last, as in every story has a happy ending, failed to materialize … There are many who have lived similar stories to this that describes the issue we address here, and maybe my friend (a) lector (a), you are one of them … Enjoy!

For Derwell Pinales
A prince for love


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