The Power to Do Good

The Power to Do Good

Many people, thinking and dreaming of goals and things, and many are prepared, doing what they have to do to achieve their goals. Many fail, some not, Some try to feel the satisfaction of a dream come true. Others, only fatigue and frustration, having failed in the attempt.

From an early age, cherished, the undeniable truth that the existence of man and all living things is only possible through a sequence or events in chains, making it dependent on a whole. Put another way: All of us need. Examples: To be dressed, we need to make and sell the clothing, to have a car, which we need to do it and sell it, etc, etc.

However, and despite this undeniable fact, there are many people who just believe in themselves, in what they are or what they want to be, which can hardly have time to think a little in others.

As relevant to an event, such as dependency, what each can do for our coexistence, I think we need even more of those willing to collaborate to make possible that among humans, reach more and better quality of life for everyone, there are many who are working to look towards that goal, and I personally congratulate all those people. However, I think it takes more effort and more people of good will, definitely, our dwelling place, is a better world for everyone.

There is a strong call of God created the universe, for all without distinction of persons, race or color, with a voice like the sound of thunder, resounding in echoes, through valleys, mountains and hills, comes with a fine and clear esteofonica to all those reading this article, “Do not refuse to do well, who is due, when power to act.” He created the universe, but in the continued smooth operation thereof, has delegated the assignment, to work together to make this possible, which shows, how important and significant is for Him, our active collaboration with him, so that our accomplished throughout the world, with the aim of the Creator, for our world.

We know that there are many things we can do to meet this call to do good, and we also know that the economic factor plays an important role when it comes to wanting to meet this request. Therefore, it is well known that many, this can be done, to achieve this uphill task, but do not get discouraged if it feeds the desire to become a faithful contributor to the cause, you just have to define goals to be achieved through good planning, while you work, which can be handy.

What we can not, you do, what they are doing many, that far from help, with good cause to do good, are damaging and destroying in its path. Instead of healing the wounded, they killed, taking the lives of their neighbors, instead of giving a piece of bread to the hungry, are stealing and taking away even that you have nothing. That’s not the idea, that’s not the call. Though significantly, have gone astray, many of them even have time to retake it, and get in the right direction, for which they were brought to the existence of this world.

In my case, I take very seriously my life, and my participation, which is the subject matter. and my vision is to make more, my goal is to achieve a greater contribution as a contribution to the welfare of our world and society. I know I’m going to make, because although I am not a millionaire, I know I will be, because many of you believe in me, and I will support because they understand my vision. I am not satisfied with what I have already, this does not mean that I value, I’m not satisfied. Even so, I give thanks every day, and if you only think of me, do not need this view, because I can well fed and part of the basic things that make daily life. But is not that, it is that I wish to collaborate more actively and positively, to the benefit of the needy, when I say this is because I’m not thinking about me, but what I can, and I do for my neighbor .

I have met many people who claim to be made, with a job, just about enough to live, means debt. And I think … we’re going to do with these words of the divine creator, “Blessed is he who considers the poor, because in the evil day, God rescue him.” when what I get, I have barely enough to pay basic bills every month and buy food that hardly, if I get a month, in such a condition, life, I can think of poor me? The answer is more than obvious. Efforts should be made more, not for love of money, but for the love of our neighbor. That we feel, we’re really working with the cause of help to those who truly need it. Many people who are for life, with great sorrow, disease, who need medical assistance, who can not afford. People who need a roof for shelter, people who have dreams and goals, that limited resources can not address. People dying of hunger because you do not have a crust of bread. People living subhuman life, I think we indigna.Yo heed, the call to do good. Too have with people, that only works hard, to do harm, to become agents of evil, killing and bringing pain and death, as a pest, the only thing I know is to sting and kill with the poison of his wickedness.

I am calling to all my readers, that we are more realistic, we think both the others as well think of themselves. Because we depend on everyone because we are called up to do good, and we can only do so when we have power.

Next, I want to leave with the story of an experience I had, when he was a teenager I remember one afternoon, hot summer, worked as a mechanic at the docks, and soon passed by me, an army aoficial , a senior, and noticed that his gaze seemed somewhat derogatory, because I was fat dirty for my work as a mechanic, and was wearing some clothes with many ornaments, of those who just put him officer rank.

Given the weight of that gaze, I faced the officer, and no tremor in her voice, I said, mister officer, why look at me, with that look so contemptuous, those ornaments of their clothes make you feel super powerful right? But he stopped and looked very angry, but did not say a word. I kept saying: If anyone should feel great, is the one who made that dress you’re wearing, because you feel very big, the dress you wear, but nevertheless, another had to do it, so that you could go, because I am almost certain that you do not know. I said: That means that no one is bigger than anyone that all necesitaos of all. if you see the ruler, the chair you sit, feel the most powerful, but that chair, possibly made someone very poor and humilde.Se was silence. I did not say more, I thought it would kill me, but I approach, and putting his hand on my right shoulder, added: No one had told me so, boy, I think you can be a great lawyer, to defend the nation, Please studying law, I’m going to pay for your studies.

Thanks, I answered the officer, but I’m not interested in that career. I left his business card and told me please call me if you change your opinion, I’m going to pay for your studies..

The moral, you use your power for good, because we are all part of a whole. God bless you my dear reader, Thank you for your support and patronage.

For Derwell J Fallu
A prince for love


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