Not An Option

Not An Option

Author Explanatory note: The only mention the subject of homoxesualismo, many judge him of homophobia, but I want to make clear that we only present the subject in an investigative angle, in order to shed enough light to help us understand well, this issue in all its dimensions.

In my theme: “A call to reflection, which I published in various magazines and social networking sites, talking to a person involved in what I presented in my subject, and in his reaction, in an effort to defend their homoxesualismo position and practice of, (that from the Biblical standpoint and logistics, I had presented as an act condemned by God and moral society), I argued in its defense, and I quote: May your life and Practice of Homoxesualismo, was a matter of sexual preference, this suggested that the fact of being a “preference” as to legal, so nobody should be seen as an aberration, not a sin. The appointment ends. To which I replied: A principle of law of life, given by the Divine Creator, in relation to the family says, quote, {for those who read the Bible}: Then the LORD God made Adam fall deep sleep and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead. And the rib, which the Lord took the man into a woman, and brought the man. Adam said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, because the man was taken. Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. Génesis2 :21-25. The appointment ends. It is evident that this principle of law, in relation to the family, position or role of each, is more than clear. In addiction, which was the original plan of playing, which does not fit in the relationship of same-sex couples. So, your argument to justify sexual preference and / or defend their position sinful is not valid, or is justified. It is also evident, which is only a wish, which is based on something that is against nature. the preferred term … does not apply in many cases, by their nature, and the laws governing life and human behavior, and the subject matter is one of these cases. For if we accept that it is valid, the terms (SEXUAL PREFERENCE) here, also seems to suggest or confirm (as) that support sex with animals, prostitutes, lesbians etc. judge for yourself, my dear reader. I want to clarify, I have nothing personal to those practicing this kind of practice, on the contrary, what I do here is to express my concern about the risks that this involves for them, and of course, my contribution to these starting to become aware, and determined to see things from another perspective, so that somehow interested in looking for tools and resources to help you acquire his release, and resume at the same time, his original position, as established by divine law and human law, respect for moral and civic education. All sick, you should fight for their health, therefore, must find a good doctor, and do not get used to it by nature, is not normal life, nor has anything favorable to the welfare or health …. To my readers, good luck! If this article has been helpful, we want, we share your testimony, please write, Thanks.

The youth of our history, and Cuban descent, was targeted, and ended in the grounds of truth. Congratulations! now the opportunity is yours my dear reader.

Derwell J Fallu
your host


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