Great Literary Works

Hard Chains

NOTE: This spectacular work of literature, in addition to participating in major poetry competitions, has been published in the respected book of poems “Impossible Love” has earned the respect and admiration of his readers.

They say I’m smart and very alert mind, but due to be asleep when I met this woman, who with his cunning and craftiness of deceitful love made ​​me a prisoner of doom.

fell into the trap and dropped the fish bites the bait slyly covering the deadly hook that easy, I was put fetters, iron chains.

But though I am ready to wake up, still do not know how to break the chains break and be free forever and new instead of the woman and the fate that made ​​me succumb

Seven years will be, since I’m in prison, seven years / that the penalty will not let me, or persecution … paragraph seven years, the pleasure of peace and love, That distance as logobre and gloomy! thousand seven hundred
seventy-seven nights, cold winter, are the ones I spent in solitude, being in company

But is that seven of diciuembre, there will be high that day, will break the chains that bind
my life, and again be free like the wind, like the sea or like a lion, but I will be too,
as the eagle flies, to soar so high that you can forget chains
qiue imprisoned, in the coastal fate of this land;

Again be a prisoner, but will not be here, but there in the heights, is that in the highest ever is not is a slave, I’ll be a king, a king, take you in my prison crown of freedom,

… but back to being a slave, in the lowlands of this land …
So if you do not! Never that!

By: Derwell Pinales
A prince for love
Rights reseved



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