Poverty and Humility …?

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Concerning the meaning of the word “poverty” and “Humility”, here are the meanings the dictionary gives us below. {It is always recommended good, check in the dictionary for some words, because sometimes we tend to imagine that a word or phrase means one thing when in fact, could be another meaning}.



1. f. Poor quality.

2. f. Lack, scarcity.

3. f. Voluntary abdication of everything you have, and all that self-esteem may find it necessary, which makes the religious public vote the day of his profession.

4. f. Poor people have poor.

5. f. Lack of magnanimity, bravery, nobility of spirit.

Synonymous with poverty:

Want, need, need, homelessness, deprivation, destitution, famine, scarcity, narrow, cramped.

Antonyms of poverty:

Wealth, abundance.

Many people associate the word poverty, with the word humility, suggesting that Jesus meant to live in poverty, hardship, homelessness, lack, when he said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” but here, the meaning of the word poor, { poverty} refers to the haughty spirit, refers to people who do not get angry easily, the small lack of irritability, which can make a very explosive in their relationship and treatment for others.
Let’s see how the dictionary defines the word humility.


(Latin humilitas,-atis).

1. f. Virtue consists in knowing one’s limitations and weaknesses and act under this knowledge.

2. f. Baseness of birth or any other kind.

3. f. Submission, performance.
Synonyms of humility:

Simplicity, simplicity, humility, modesty, submission, obedience, compliance.

Antonyms of humility:

Pride, pride, rebellion.

Humility is not intended to be more than anyone in the world, or feel above our peers. Many times it is to forget our own being, to be someone else and see us the same.

The conduct of Jesus, washing his disciples’ feet, being the master and lord, to suggest the practical and real picture of what it means humility, being humble. then my interpretation and what I personally think of poverty.

I think that a rich person can be humble, like a poor person can be proud and rebellious pride. and a biblical example of a notebook, starring Job, let us understand this, because as he, the richest of his day, was also the most humble, great and fearful man who has known on Earth. know its history.

But at the same time, it seems that in this table, we know the true origin of poverty, because Satan asked God to take away everything Job had, to prove this, proceed to curse, suggesting that poverty can be a tool that you can use Satan to oppress, to force individuals to take retaliatory backlash against the creator of the universe, and, of man against man. Most crimes, crimes, violence in the family and social circles, are rooted in extreme poverty, who may live part of the population. This, without mentioning the number of people dying from diseases that could be treated, to live in extreme poverty.

In contrast, is a resource that uses Satan in order to bring out in us the rebellion and pride. Although many of us, being poor, or not, we live a profile of pride, arrogance, haughtiness and rebelliousness.
‘God bless you my dear reader.

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