Warning! Imminent danger!

Warning! Imminent danger!

What do you know about the gay part that is covered with a blanket
of a false love?

I think that gay people are violent from the start
until today. In Sodom and Gomorrah took its victims
and violently raped. wanted to attempt to violate
some angels who came to the rescue of a frightened man
of God.

And, as in prisons, in our day, we all know
these people violate the prisoners new arrivals.
we see on the streets speaking on behalf of love, but
remember that the Catholic Church had to pay millions
dollars to children and victims who were raped
by gay priests.

Now the church wants to insult the intelligence of the world
meaning that these rapists were gay,
but were not trained to deal with sexuality.
By God! as you call someone you have sex
with a same sex? And as someone called
you have sexual intercourse with another person by force
and against their will?

This week in the Capitol, United States, a
irreverently dumped gay frost on a senator,
because it did not approve of marriage between people
the same sex.

And in my country, carry out violent and brazen marches on
which are in the streets protesting almost without clothes,
without any concern for children. And this week,
In desperation, the head of homosexuals in Puerto
Rico, threatened publicly to homosexuals who work
as senators and legislators, if they did not come out of Closs.

These people are violent, and many rape victims
now drag the shadow of a dark experience
that are marked for life by a gay rapist. Because
many of them are child rapists. For example Ricky
Today Martin is gay, because as a child was raped, abused
one of them.

When you consider giving their support for gays in their struggle
to exercise freely their little shame, think
times. First, because these people are in rebellion
against God and his word and they want the fees which it is
accept they are … but nobody can ever change the law
God, kill is always a crime, as will steal, so
be gay, it was several thousand years ago and still is today

Since the beginning of the law, was an abomination, and today
in our day at the height of the book of Ephesians and Romans
is still an abomination. They are in rebellion against
God and against the world, so you be careful, the next
time you want to support a gay, that he will accept their low
shame. Because there is more blind than he who does not want


A prince for lov


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