Responding to Our Readers, Truths & Lies

Hello! It is a pleasure to greet you, very much appreciated reading:

100% agree with you, dear lady, lying is something you take and that you can taste sweet and you can look good, but once food and drinks, bites and poisoning. In contrast, the truth almost always seems a very bitter, sometimes hard to swallow, but once swallowed, is like good medicine, you feel bad, but you cure.

The truth, frees the spirit and heals the soul. The choir lie conscience and breaks the bones in the end always kills.

There are people who love both the lie that when they lie, until they themselves believe their lies … love so much lying, if they could become magicians to make lies look like truth, they would.

History of Women and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden … eat the forbidden fruit, you will not die, so that nothing will happen to you, No! is that if I eat I’m gonna die … nothing to see, is that only you’ll become aware of good and evil. The battle between lies and truth, lies, you always look good, but more than you wear makeup to lie, to try, this seems true, and this is made good, the lie will always be a lie, and will always be bad, but the truth will always be true …

Everyone who takes refuge in the nest of lies, will eat its fruit poisonous and death, because lying is a way that it addresses, it seems right, but its end is a path of tragedy and death. Make sure that what you’re thinking, is the truth, because if you believe a lie, thinking it is a truth, not to be diligent to be sure, you could end up in a tragic ending to your destination.

Instead of truth, but force yourself to try to make it or not, will not succeed, because as you can not turn the earth in the sky, or water on the fire, so the lie is always a lie, that cuts you off, as in prison with bars of brass, and you become weak and very vulnerable, like walking on a tightrope.

and the truth will always be truth, love truth! although the bitter taste you can tell because the fruit is for life, makes you honest and trustworthy, you get stronger than the rock and iron, make yourself invincible, immovable, you become eternal and secure, you become very successful and successful in whatever you do, because I always, always in whichever case, the truth sets you free.

I appreciate in a big way, your participation and your opinion on this forum. Thanks. Blessings!

If somehow, our exhibitions have been helpful to you, we’ll be happy, to share with us and the world, your testimony. For all that talk in this forum, is published throughout the world, and your testimony, can be invaluable aid to our readers worldwide. Always ask why, all of you, our readers, that any involvement, either with responsibility and that our language, is a moderate within the agreements and rules, set forth in this network. Thanks.

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A prince for love




All discipline at first seems hard and bad, but ultimately bears fruit for profit. I have presented some issues of controversial nature to share with the participants of this forum and the world, I received all kinds of insults and abuse from profanity, hate speech and of rejection by people of this forum, as I argue , but even so, is accomplished, get me out of sanity, or that I leave my qualified manner, and my sense of self-judgment.

But most importantly, to a flood of opposition, truth and reason, seem to succeed, with custom criteria and arguments based on fanciful ideas, defended the tools ‘I think’ hate, rejection, not want to accept or recognize a documented issue in a resolution legally constituted and accepted in all generations of humans, as a document, potentially valid worldwide and in all languages. With the volatile argument that “we are living in the past, there has been a valid issue that can create cuorum to produce an amendment to the laws considered in the subject matter, they can do legally valid and what they try to prove.

The master teacher said, because men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil … but he also said, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. ” So, no matter how many rise up against you, either as stand up, stand on the side of truth forever, because over the force, hatred, malice, lies and whatever else the opposite, really triumph.

When I introduced the subject under discussion before the committee of reviewers of this Journal, took three {3] weeks to be approved, but after analyzing it, and see that the content of the topic, took responsibility, objectivity, professionalism and base logical, documented in the code of ethics and professional education, decided to finally approve it, which by its nature controversial, he earned the magazine, the criticism of some of the participants opponents …

So I want to congratulate the brave team of reviewers who even knowingly of what they were exposed, they decided to put on the side of God and truth. Well Done! is better to obey God rather than men. They made the decision wisely, and believe me, but apparently, this article has garnered many votes, expressing rejection and disagreement, by a vote of approval, you computer, this Journal, this article becomes victorious over how many votes negative, may issue, because nothing, nothing can ever against the truth.

I also want to show my gratitude, my sincere love for everyone, the participants in this article, because even their participation negatively, greatly helped not only to present more strongly and decisively, the position of truth, but also, to me personally, helped me become a person more mature, more able to deal calmly and objectively trial, rejection, anger and the shock of a cultural language, containing vulgar nature, street and offensive, without managing to emerge, similar reactions in my, as a response to my attackers.

Although this article was, and still, these being presented to the world, Through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, WordPress, Google Analyzer, Google Buzz, Google Bloggers, Aniversalia, Blogoster, Univision forums, among many other networks social world and in many languages, not learned as much in any of the networks, as here with my readers of this forum and Bloggers Magazine. I remember a reading of the bloggers on this site, I said, Derwellito, please remove your article and here, in desperation, not being able to present something valid, showing that I was wrong with my presentation and content of this … which sadly, I replied: I’m afraid I can not do that, it is better to obey God rather than men.

Finally, everyone, thank you very much, we are still here, and voting are changing, people will be released, I hope you will share, bravely their testimonies with us and the world, the positive effect obtained in the encountering face the truth, that will definitely help to those who truly need to be helped, because they do not help anyone, telling them they are good, if we know that they are not. A good doctor always tells his patient with truth, and frankly, his real status diagnostics, if you have lied in this connection would not do anything beneficial, the ability to recover from his patient. May God bless all who have health and work, with which we can all earn daily bread for ourselves and for our families. Everyone has at the table, some bread to eat.

A prince for love

Mi declaracion de amor, La vida se va Extinguiendo

La vida es una…y es tan corta, que se nos va casi apenas sin percibirlo; en el tic tac del reloj, en el contar de los días, de las semanas, de los meses; de los años…
cada segundo, es como el aletear de la vida, que se nos va volando como un pensamiento, o como hojarascas que se lleva el viento,
cada que nos miramos al espejo, notamos que alguien que fuimos, nos va dejando y casi ni nos conocemos…
probar los sabores de la vida, aquellos sabores buenos, como es el de compartir la vida con una buena esposa. con un esposo bueno,
se va haciendo cada vez mas difícil, cuando tantas y tantos, van contaminando el paladar del amor, con el trago amargo de la infidelidad, dejando gravemente herido al corazón,
matando la confianza y robando la paz, marcando la vida, con experiencias que nos hacen llorar, y que casi nos hacen creer que la vida no es bella, que la vida no es buena…..
y que se va extinguiendo como la llama encendida de una vela….
Si tu ves que algo en mi, puede endulzar tu vida, y quitar lo amargo que el desamor puso en ti, no dudes en tomarlo, yo te lo ofrezco, con todo lo mejor que queda en mi…te lo ofrezco, porque así lo siento,
porque yo lo quiero, y porque no quiero que la vida acabes con el evento de una mala experiencia, sino que al fin de la historia, la historia de tu vida y de mi vida realmente tengas un final feliz..
Si tu destino se cruzo con mi destino en el camino, hagamos algo bueno en nombre del amor, dejando atrás el pasado, vamos a lanzarnos a vivir, y a disfrutar la vida edificando juntos nuestro futuro y construyendo una familia, aprovechemos esta oportunidad que nos das vida.. por Derwelll
Todos los derechos reservados del autor