Responding to Our Readers, Truths & Lies

Hello! It is a pleasure to greet you, very much appreciated reading:

100% agree with you, dear lady, lying is something you take and that you can taste sweet and you can look good, but once food and drinks, bites and poisoning. In contrast, the truth almost always seems a very bitter, sometimes hard to swallow, but once swallowed, is like good medicine, you feel bad, but you cure.

The truth, frees the spirit and heals the soul. The choir lie conscience and breaks the bones in the end always kills.

There are people who love both the lie that when they lie, until they themselves believe their lies … love so much lying, if they could become magicians to make lies look like truth, they would.

History of Women and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden … eat the forbidden fruit, you will not die, so that nothing will happen to you, No! is that if I eat I’m gonna die … nothing to see, is that only you’ll become aware of good and evil. The battle between lies and truth, lies, you always look good, but more than you wear makeup to lie, to try, this seems true, and this is made good, the lie will always be a lie, and will always be bad, but the truth will always be true …

Everyone who takes refuge in the nest of lies, will eat its fruit poisonous and death, because lying is a way that it addresses, it seems right, but its end is a path of tragedy and death. Make sure that what you’re thinking, is the truth, because if you believe a lie, thinking it is a truth, not to be diligent to be sure, you could end up in a tragic ending to your destination.

Instead of truth, but force yourself to try to make it or not, will not succeed, because as you can not turn the earth in the sky, or water on the fire, so the lie is always a lie, that cuts you off, as in prison with bars of brass, and you become weak and very vulnerable, like walking on a tightrope.

and the truth will always be truth, love truth! although the bitter taste you can tell because the fruit is for life, makes you honest and trustworthy, you get stronger than the rock and iron, make yourself invincible, immovable, you become eternal and secure, you become very successful and successful in whatever you do, because I always, always in whichever case, the truth sets you free.

I appreciate in a big way, your participation and your opinion on this forum. Thanks. Blessings!

If somehow, our exhibitions have been helpful to you, we’ll be happy, to share with us and the world, your testimony. For all that talk in this forum, is published throughout the world, and your testimony, can be invaluable aid to our readers worldwide. Always ask why, all of you, our readers, that any involvement, either with responsibility and that our language, is a moderate within the agreements and rules, set forth in this network. Thanks.

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A prince for love


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