The value of a good conversation


Hello! Good morning!

These besiege Social Networks have been set in order, that people can expand our social circle, international and local, also provide the possibility of getting the right person for a relationship.

However, within the more than 900 people, I have in my prestigious list of friends, I find myself very often with the complaint, that my ladies are disillusioned by many of the guys who try to make an approach, because they do not know to set up a conversation with a woman, you expect out of a man, a true gentleman …

by contrast, tells me it can be very vulgar and inappropriate, when introduced into a relational treatment with a lady.

What can we do about a problem that is out of proportion, which does not meet the purpose for which these are designed social besiege?

How can we educate these individuals, degenerate minds, the only kind of sex and morbid thoughts?

As we make these besiege better fulfill the purpose for which they were designed?

I want to leave on my page, a forum open to the public, so that everyone s can issue their suggestions and comments on what you mean my audience, could be a contribution to improving this problem that offends the sensibilities, honor and dignity of women.

My opinion and suggestion, is aimed at raising awareness of men: My dear reader, we should not see the woman as a sex symbol,
women is much more than just sex, is a company, is ideal support, is the single most important player element, you contribute to the expansion and preservation of the human race on the planet, the woman is the seat where love and noblest feelings, find their true motive …

It’s time to begin to see the woman with respect, admiration, devotion, with true love, we must learn to understand that of all the creatures, the woman is the most important person of all God’s creation .

I think that it’s time in that sense, all men begin to mature, so we can be gallant with women, learn to use the most appropriate resources to win the heart of a woman. They learn to value a woman and feelings of this.

I guarantee, you better enjoy life and all the things that come with life in addiction.

I hope that with this call, the children of women, women’s brothers, parents of women. relatives of women, learn to have true respect for women.

I am Derwell J Fallu and approves this message.


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