What a woman should take into account, when a man conquered

What a woman should take into account, when a man conquered

Humans, like other living creatures, we were born or created in order to live in a state of relationship partners, with the aim of procreation or


The relationship is the foundation for the establishment of the family, and every society or community.

Regulatory rules exist to help establish patterns and lifestyles for couples, families and societies, in order to make more robust and functional exercise to live with friends, family or society.

However, up to the present century, it becomes increasingly difficult to build solid relationships of couples, families and / or companies. It seems to want to ignore or drastically change the styles and rules established for these issue’s, is presented as a problem that does not fit well with the desire and the need to live with family or society.

In my view, no matter the age or time when we have to live, as to the relationship and coexistence, the most important element to establish ourselves as families or societies is love. It is potentially important, when you settle in a relationship, we must be sure that we receive love, to the same extent that we love, is the only way that being in love can be functional.

And if love is the main thing that unites us understand clearly that we participate and engage those involved in those things that are characteristic of love. For example Respect, tolerance, tenderness, valuation, details, among many others.

Having introduced this form of introduction, what is the issue at hand, I want to focus on women in their need and search for love in the relationship.

From the existential reality of the great problems of failure increase relations prevailing between couples, I point out, validating my point of view, that because of that situation, it shows a desperation in many women, who have been left alone after either failure in their relationship, which obviously has somehow altered his behavior and moods.

These negative events, create a picture of little atmosphere, for confidence and stability of a woman in her intention to continue with the aim to fill that space in your life of love with the right person.

And, emotional imbalance, is so remarkable in many women, although they have not lost faith in his search for love and the right person, we see them in the site’s public Internet search relationship couples and friendship, proceed with an apparent conquest, totally in-appropriate in their ways of dressing, taught partially or completely their bodies, and they do not account that this puts them at a total disadvantage in their intention to conquer a man.

The impression they make on most men, is the life of a cheerful woman who inspires no motivation to even think about the possibility of something serious with such women.

Based on that fact, I want to emphasize here that this attitude or behavior of a woman, does not inspire the human heart, but if you turn the sexual or carnal instinct, in other words, when a man gives a woman who teaches type all, or part of your body, using photographic images in public Internet sites, which is the desire to get this man to be able to achieve with that woman, in order to meet only momentarily, his instinct for sex, but nothing seriously.

In what is a good technique for a woman who wants or desires to conquer a man for a serious purpose in a relationship, including being able to hold a good conversation, whether written, omitting the common language of many women, to send in response to a comment, an icon or figurine. Such language of icons and figurines inspired or reveal the type of woman a man wants.

By contrast, describes a woman with lack of interest and motivation.

The image that this woman says a thousand words. Therefore, women should be very careful with the type of image you are presenting. If what you’re involved fishing, is one of those men of morbid minds, and sex only, then the image is correct or nude beach. You’ll have hundreds, but if you are looking for a person, with his feet firmly on the earth, for serious and lasting, then the image that you present, must be one that represents the type of woman you are and, you describe the type of man you’re looking for.

In my contacts list, some of the site’s public internet, often I meet many women who complain that there are many men only hints, for those who do not have a good way of introduction, to good conversation. But looking at, what I also see, the blame for these men, these events uncomfortable, not entirely of men, but many women are not very inspiring to conduct training of good character as man’s response. Many are more provocative than inspiring to conquer the heart of man.

And to end, I suggest to all my readers and all who read this article as many times as they need, if they take this as advice, and put into practice, in very little time going to see positive results, it really works.

I have much more to share with you, so I can continue on the major social networks, appreciate if you send me your comments and suggestions to my email lpinales7@univision.com, find me on Facebook as Derwell Pinales and Twitter.

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Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012
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