cloth000047vipicscomThe universe is large and there are many people who populate it, we know that therefore there is variety of criteria, types of behavior that promote the different characters and behavior, so it is suggested that in deciding that we will be with someone, make sure it’s as compatible as possible with our personality type. by Derwell


cloth000035vipicscomEl universo es grande y muchas son las personas que lo pueblan, sabemos que por lo mismo hay variedad de criterios, tipos de conductas que promueven los diferentes caracteres y comportamiento, por lo que se sugiere, que a la hora de decidir que vamos a estar con alguien, asegurarnos que sea lo más compatible posible con nuestro tipo de personalidad. Por Derwell

Communicating clearly.

portrait001090vipicsWhen you can not match what’s on the minds of people, you can misunderstand or be misunderstood, under what they think or feel, and this can create in turn, a conflict that affects any attempt to interact and be related. It should be as transparent and clear as possible, in form and way of communicating. by Derwell