The cynosure of all things

portrait000811vipicsWe have a beautiful world, full of all the things we need to live and to admire a spectacular attraction. As a man, I agree with the author’s idea of ​​the universe, what really full and complements, doing good life and person of man, is that wonderful human being called woman. Thanks to it, we can be, the holy family, experience the happiness that gives us not only the joy of being one with it but the blessing of being a husband and father. The nature of being married to a woman, as well as established from the beginning, the divine creator, also gives us true companionship and that ideal support in any aspect of life women can be, also that matter of feelings for the heart and pleasure is to enjoy the intimate life with her. On the other hand, is the woman for the soul a powerful source of inspiration that allows us to appreciate the beauty of our universe and associate the beautiful and romantic nature of beauty and feelings. The woman is not a creature on the planet more simply it is what makes perfect and complete the great work of the great artist’s picture of the universe. Parents, children, grandchildren, nephews; etc., we owe gratitude for our existence in addition to the divine creator, deservedly women, without which it would have been impossible for man, the constitution of families. The reasons why every conscious man must love, respect, admire; recognize the dignity and good name of the woman, are many. And if she recognizes what she is, and what it represents as a woman and if you live as such, then, will not be difficult for all the admire and respect. Women are much more than just a resource of one sex to man; it is much more than just beauty to admire, she’s crown and glory of God’s creation. by Derwell

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