We all wonder.

portrait000145vipicsWe all wonder if the IVU is deployed to repay debt assumed by the irresponsible politicians, and addiction, were increased substantially, the basic services of water, electricity, public transportation, urban train twice, serving some taxes cell phone, contributive taxes on people who send money to people in their countries, increases in road tolls, increased permits for people who want to establish some type of business, etc., as is, with all this, no money in treasury, to pay the tariff commitment to debt, no money for public schools, universities, and hospitals. Etc. Those people who did all this, you still want to wash their hands like Pilate, blaming others for not being able to contribute to the solution of the problem, on the contrary, the cure was worse than the disease. Guilty! should all be in prison for the crime of having so sunk to Puerto Rico. By Derwell De Jesus Fallu


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