Pregnant birdies in the air.

I want to share with you the following:
I asked, to some party members the {PIP} who advocate the independence of Puerto Rico, and some of {PDP}, who advocate the sovereignty of Puerto Rico, that if they are prepared to take drastic reality, means a change of status of that nature, as in the case of a transition from the present status to the conversion of Puerto Rico into a republic, mean and the dollar would not be our legal tender, but we would have to design our own currency, which certainly would have no validated support, for being our territory, one that lacks resources and reserves that could solidify the value of a local currency. On the other hand, as could these politicians, to a country with such critical unemployment, face the reality that they remove the coupons to thousands of Puerto Ricans who survive thanks to these humanitarian aid. They would be prepared to recognize that losing the current status, evidence puts us losing our American citizenship, a Puerto Rican passport, our freedom to travel freely would be lost, to any country in the universe? They can offer the best people, politicians what we have now? The federal mail, university educational loans and aid agencies all citizens, would leave the island. Social insurance no longer exist for anyone, or any other benefit that supported and available through the present status with the American union. These politicians are ready to give the people something better than what we have now? With the huge debt we have, no one will lend us ten dollars. We’re broke! I would like to see a promising future proposal for the country by the sovereignists and separatists. People of Puerto Rico, beware trust your future and your own welfare and that of your family. the fanciful painting we politicians pregnant birdies in the air. We are facing a future reality or failure, for our future and that of our families, we choose right! By Derwell De Jesus Fallu



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