From 1 to 10.

Excellent! If you asked me, from 1 to 10, how much I could give you for your answers? I would tell you that a 10. Definitely, if you’re all claiming to be your answers, then too, I might say, that you and I are compatible, to think and believe, that we are twin souls. We can hold hands and make our destinations, one destination and walk together, sharing every experience of life until the end of the day. Because people think of your partner, as a priority among its decisions, beyond liking and see themselves as a resource for single sex and fun, a true union of commitment and future, with an agenda well prepared where you can include the project of raising and educating children, forms and details of the elements that will be considered to also maintain a balance of social and loving life together, the tools used to solidify the union in any aspect of life. A sustainable project, to assume all financial responsibilities, which will be part of every experience of life. This is how when couples can be happy, even amid adverse times, because your happiness does not depend on what each other can be given, but the fact of being together and knowing that together, they are a team to optimistically face any circumstance of life, giving support to each other. All this will happen, not only because we both have decided, but also because their life experience together, it will be built on the platform of mutual love, that took care of them together and which will be strong enough to confront impartially, all the challenges of fate. By Derwell De Jesus Fallu


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