Without borders.

Without borders.
It is well known that through what we express, denote wisdom, understanding, disability, pain, sorrow, faith, love, courage, fear, hatred, humility; pride, etc. These are some of the features, the inner self, which can be expressed to the outside world. Regularly, things that happen to us or go to our outside world, tend to shape the character and can shape our personality. Although many brands of the inner personality can be inherited, however; we can work to change and make our life personality we want to be, have the power to take control of our destiny, is a matter that is in our minds, let some things happen or we make that happen, we can change many things in our lives. Lamenting our failures, without trying to do something to fix it, it’s like rain on-wet. The difference between some people who have made great achievements and many who have not achieved anything, is that some have used more efficiently the potential of their minds, than others. When a mind is positive, you could always find a way to get where you want. The solution of many problems in our lives, have their origin and nature first, in our own minds. Many times the amount of luck we have, the more or less decides the effort we put. Many people of great successes in life, thank been prepared to have succeeded. There is a basic element that determines whether the faith we say we have, it can bear fruit or not} {The Work. If you turn on a light, You owe your head for a good target. I considered that a mind without vision or purpose, is like a rudderless ship drifting in shallow water, and rock in the middle of a rough sea and surrounded by high winds. Beyond reality, of any possibility of an adverse and circumstantial fact, our mind has a resource able to reject or accept the negative facts of any experience. The human mind has a powerful tool called {will} This element can turn discern, analyze, programming, re-programming, decide, execute, reject or accept. So that the will of one mind, to function properly, you have to have lucidity. Lucidity and self-control, can be developed through the knowledge acquired, proper nutrition and a combination of therapeutic exercise and / or physical. The proper functioning of our minds, depend on many things in our lives, and also, successes and failures. A healthy mind starts with being positive and intuitive, when God resides in a healthy mind, his power goes beyond the limits and boundaries of circumstances. By Derwell De Jesus Fallu Writerportrait001343vipics


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