A great discovery!

Impressed! So is a heart, so surprised to know everything in the distance can make in a life that has never seen or touched. The power of feeling that can be communicated through the words, knows no limits, distances or spaces, and this more than amazed! For the great discovery, all my words and feelings have accomplished in your cute heart. This need of each other, to find in life that person in love, feelings, and in every aspect of life, we complement, it becomes stronger, to measures we moving through the dark valley of solitude. And when the light of a feeling enlightens the soul, he begins to find joy heart, and hope becomes a vital part of our destiny. Love, being the most valuable in the life of every element, we must dedicate time and special effort, taking into consideration that the essence of life is love. The truth is the most important part, in the disclosure of any word. Truth is the light that illuminates the path that all must travel, and if the truth, today I discovered your words, they really are in love; that you are that love, there is no room for anything else, more than just you and me, then I can say, I have made a great discovery! By Derwell of Jesus Falluportraitcolor002429vipics


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