Choosing wisely.

It has been demonstrated that people who are elected to lead the destiny and future of the people, from the point of view of their aspirations for public policy, play a role of paramount importance. By the very fact that the voters deciding who will choose for these functions of public office, we must not get carried away by our passions, our emotions, not let ourselves be convinced by those who speak more beautiful, or who promise more. We must relate to or candidates, with our political, social and economic reality, in order to identify who fits more to the facts associated with greater assurance of future and progress for the people. Members linked to political fanaticism, attachment to a color or ideal political party must reach maturity knowledge, that we are not infallible, that often people are often wrong, and especially, if we are not able to be flexible to accommodate pace with changing times and if we have, will, for a free screening of prejudice in order to be able to identify what may be more favorable for everyone. For this we have the complete absence of feeling and selfish desire, which sometimes can be born in our hearts. That feeling and that desire for what I want, but that is not necessarily what you want most and can be the most favorable for everyone, even for the person whose feeling and desire could be selfish. By Derwell De Jesus Falluportraitcolor001779vipics

Eligiendo con inteligencia.

Ya ha quedado demostrado, que las personas que son elegidas para dirigir el destino y el futuro de los pueblos, desde el punto de vista de sus aspiraciones de política publica, juegan un papel de trascendental importancia. Por el mismo hecho, que los electores a la hora de decidir a quienes escogeremos para estas funciones de cargos públicos, no debemos dejarnos arrastrar por nuestras pasiones, nuestras emociones, ni dejarnos convencer por quienes hablan mas bonito, o por quienes prometen mas. Debemos relacionar al o los candidatos, con nuestra realidad política, social y económica, a fin de identificar a quien se ajusta mas a los hechos asociados a la mayor garantía de futuro y de progreso para el pueblo. Los miembros vinculados al fanatismo político, el apego a un color o ideal político partidista, deben alcanzar la madurez de conocimientos, de que no somos infalibles, que a menudo las personas suelen equivocarse, y máxime, si no somos capaces de ser flexibles para acomodarnos al ritmo de los cambiantes tiempos y si no tenemos voluntad para realizar un escrutinio libre de prejuicios con el fin de lograr identificar lo que pueda ser mas favorable para todos. Para esto debemos contar con la ausencia total del sentimiento y el deseo egoísta, que algunas veces, puede nacer de nuestros corazones. Ese sentimiento y ese deseo de lo que yo quiero, pero que necesariamente no es lo que quiere la mayoría y que puede ser lo mas favorable para todos, incluso, para aquella persona cuyo sentimiento y deseo pudiera ser egoísta. Por Derwell De Jesus Falluportraitcolor001761vipics

Origin of wisdom and intelligence.

Sometimes being young can often be subject to underestimation by some. However, intelligence and wisdom, it may be relative, if we consider that there are many elderly who seem never to have reached maturity and that many young people show very mature. This could suggest that intelligence and wisdom, it is not always a matter of having lived much or little. This in any case will depend on the health and proper development of mental capacity that nature we inherited and not necessarily by age and the experiences we have lived. By Derwell De Jesus Fallu portraitcolor001770vipics

Origen de la sabiduría y la inteligencia.

A veces ser joven puede ser a menudo objeto de sub-estimación por algunos. Sin embargo, la inteligencia y la sabiduría, puede ser algo relativo, si consideramos que hay muchos ancianos que parecen nunca haber alcanzado madurez y que muchos jóvenes muestran ser muy maduros. Este hecho podría sugerir que la inteligencia y la sabiduría, no siempre es un asunto de haber vivido mucho o poco. Esto en cualquier caso va a depender de la salud y el buen desarrollo de la capacidad mental que la naturaleza nos haya heredado y no necesariamente por la edad y las experiencias que hayamos vivido. Por Derwell De Jesus Falluportrait001258vipics

Decide the life you want to live.

To do good and what is right, we need not live long, or have much experience, but know that good and evil comes from the heart and that we must be willing to educate and discipline to take the good resource of heart and decide that’s the life we want to live. By Derwell De Jesus Fallu portraitcolor001767vipics

Decidir la vida que tu quieres vivir.

Para hacer lo bueno y lo que es correcto, no necesitamos vivir mucho tiempo, ni tener mucha experiencia, sino saber que lo bueno y lo malo sale del corazón y que debemos estar dispuestos a educarnos y disciplinarnos para tomar del recurso bueno del corazón y decidir que eso sea la vida que queremos vivir. Por Derwell De Jesus Falluportraitcolor001757vipics

United for a just cause.

We must be flexible, to show concern and genuine interest in people and provide our support to the cause of the needy, and of course I also thank Facebook and all social networks, which for a long time, have given me the opportunity as a loyal user to carry out my global campaign that will be granted to women’s dignity and good name, as well as promote the strengthening of the family unit. Being, moreover, it recognized in many parts of the world, as a writer who uses his line of thoughts with a thoughtful, therapeutic and inspiring message that promotes peace, hope and inspires the reader to the noble purposes and positive reasons, They make life and live it more useful and productive. By Derwell De Jesus Falluportraitcolor001778vipics