Hello! Even if your letter could contain a feeling and the profile of a personality with the good elements to conquer a person like me. However, the way to know how to move to a more relevant level could be immeasurable. But I think, this would not be depending on the one part, but on the two. I think there may be people, who entertain themselves by sending e-mails, but perhaps never encourage them to go from words alone, to a higher plane, even though they may know that they have found enough matches between them. But, truthfully, a relationship begins with the mutual agreement of consecrating each other in a relationship, continues with a practical experience, of sharing life in the day to day. The success of lives together, will depend on the quality of the feelings, the quality of behaviors; The commitment, with which both have assumed the state of lives together. Among other elements, the way in which both are dedicated in the administration of the affections and the dedication of the quality of times that both must together share. What goes on, from then on, is the drama in its full, of a love story. Thus, the narration of those things, which we would like to form part of the elements of a love story, do not constitute a real-life script, prepared and ready for the development and execution of it, in all its details, But only, a life of dreams and a sigh. When you have conceived the vision, and the elements of what we want for editing a love story, of two who have decided to share their lives as a couple, then, it is time, to take pen and paper, to start capturing Specifically the draft of the story we want to write. By Derwell J Fallu60192537-eb5262


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