Imperfect present.

When the letters of your letters sound very good to the heart. Everything is very simple, if we can understand this, beyond just emails and take it to the most relevant level. If this happens, then we will have overcome the doubts and possible fears and we will be harvesting not only the fruit of our effort, but also the reward of having us, in love, this is something invaluable. My life is an imperfect present, because you lack it, that source where the heart can find its motive to feel and to love, that sublime nature where the soul can find its inspiration; That other part, with which, it is only possible the foundation of one’s own family, and the most beautiful dreams are born and hope always finds a purpose to fight for, and the vision of a goal to achieve. I miss you, for a perfect present, a promising future; The sum of everything, so that I could achieve happiness in this life. It has been said, that there are those who do not know what you have, until you lose it. I rather think, that perhaps you always knew what you had, that what happens, when you lose something of value, because of the mistakes made, is the emergence of a great feeling of guilt and a mixture of repentance, Pain and perhaps of impotence, of if it is known, irremediable the lost. By Derwell J Fallu60192408-319f0d


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