The girl on the train lines.

I have searched everywhere, to which my soul loves, to that woman by which also, I will be happy; To her, which will give me true meaning to exist. And what it is, what makes it in my life so special: It is not your pretty body, because pretty bodies everywhere we can find; Nor that divine form of it when walking; Because many walk in a similar way; It is not her tender look that makes her in my life so special, because many women like her, just as well can look at me. I looked for her and asked for her, for the girl on the train lines, that beautiful woman! That she only has in her soul, what my soul lacks; What she has in her heart, you do not have any, it is my feeling; It is love, which also in my heart, for her I have. Talking about a soul mate is not what you can see on the outside, it is not the emotion that the taste awakens, it is not the passion that when seeing a woman, can feel any; Is when she feels what I, and I feel what she. It’s when my eyes look at her, even if she’s not around, when in the heart there’s no room for anyone else, it’s when I think of her, even though I’m with her, that’s when I feel life is missing, if for a minute She is not by my side By Derwell J Falluumm9eLCXkweO9MfpsJzFDq2cJioSJokxIWeATXZy6h68UfjyT3l1_j1khTzHwllm


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