More than a thousand reasons to love you.

Beauty? If there is anything left over in what God put into woman, it is beauty. Passing a scan of the body of a woman, we will soon realize, that God put each beautiful thing in each woman, to admire and enjoy. Everything that we did not have and that we needed, God did in women, hence, it is our complement, what makes our life really interesting and, moreover, its captivating and admirable form, fills with great satisfaction to Our divine creator, because in woman not only the human life and humanity is perfected, but also with it makes perfect all the work of creation. For so many reasons oh! Blessed woman, I love you, and for more; I do not stop to thank God, that it was good to give me in you, oh! Divine woman, all the good and happiness that in no other thing I can have. By Derwell J Fallu16425881_1304040042985337_1981699146616995706_n


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