Is there a woman?

If you ask me, why do not I still have the love of my life?

I think the worst thing that people can face in this life is to live life without love and without feeling true happiness. I believe that only with the love in your heart, you can be really happy.

That’s why I’m here, to build a solid relationship, based on mutual respect and care. We live once and I do not want to spend my life in dirty and unnecessary things, I know what I want from life,

I need true love without lies or treachery. I am a very understanding person who expects support in everything from the woman with whom I wish to share my life, who will not sit on my neck, but will go with me, beside me on the road, but in the same direction.

On the one hand, I am a very positive and optimistic person and you will never get bored with me, but on the other hand, I am very serious, someone you can trust! No lies, no one who plays with feelings, but one who can give love, care and support; That is, what that special woman, you will feel with me!

I am someone who does not live from fairy tales, I just look for an ordinary woman, with whom I can feel happy, with whom I can create a strong family, where two people lean and take care of themselves.

Do not love me for something that I can give you, but give me all your love just to exist in your life. Unconditional love. What can be better than loving a person and knowing that it is mutual? Of course nothing can be compared, so for me, this would be a great gift in life, which I want to find and save and never lose.

I think there are no ideal people, with an excellent character, but what I want is to find a woman, with whom I can share everything, not only the good, but also the bad; Being together, not only in moments of happiness, but also, in difficult times. I really want to love from my heart and if you are here, for the same reason, we will try to find ourselves in happiness and enjoy life full of love.

Is there a woman? Then say amen, find me! You already know where to find me.
By Derwell J Fallu60419652.9d4716


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