Statehood has no real competition!

People Statesman, Puerto Rican brothers know that our excellent proposal of the Statehood for Puerto Rico, as the only option for a true better future for all Puerto Ricans, has no real competence. The little group that differs from our proposal of future assured for Puerto Rico, has no resources or proposal of important competence to present, but only the tantrum, the insults and attack with words soes, and street, but we continue to the north, Pushing the Estate cart. They are desperate! And possibly want to resort to a boycott of the plebiscite next June 11, because these people do not care about the welfare of the people of Puerto Rico. We know that our popular brothers, who treasure our American citizenship, this time, will vote for the Statehood, because the colonial form of Puerto Rico, now, on June 11 begins its decolonizing process and all who want real opportunities for the future For them and their children, will not expose the uncertain future of a broken independent republic, so we will define the social status that is most appropriate and convenient for the Puerto Rican people, voting for the Statehood, this June 11, is How we will guarantee a future and a better Puerto Rico for all. Let’s go to Puerto Rico! By Derwell J Fallu60400806.2d3d44


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