The woman, the good and the good of life.

Our reasons for loving, admiring, respecting and valuing women: Because within her we live our first experience of life, providing within ourselves, everything necessary to grow and be strong and, between pain and love, bring us To the life of a physical universe full of opportunities and challenges that we must assume for all the time we have to remain on earth. Because she is, true company for man, becoming her, a real team in our activity of daily life, and in the most tender, romantic and passionate part that has the heart, for the most beautiful feelings; Because it is the only resource we have, to constitute us as a family, because in any sense of life, it is. The good that our creator established for us as a perfectly finished work. Because the woman is the evidence of the care, love and interest of God, for the welfare of us as his creatures. Because in it, we can express and live the most complete nature of love, which can give meaning and interpretation to our life and to live. Because the woman is the last brush of God, which makes perfect all his great work created, giving a touch of magic and beauty with her sensual, mystical and captivating presence, to the whole universe, highlighting the woman, As crown of the creation and, being an element to exalt the glory of the great artist, of the impressive picture of all the creation. Reasons and more, to love it, to admire it, to respect it, to value it and to enjoy it. By Derwell J Fallu60850206.a9a7a8


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