A little about me.

Talking about yourself can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable, because it is not easy to talk about yourself, without being able to highlight or sound a little arrogance. However, I will try my best, to define my personality and character. I must start, letting you know, that I am not a rich person, I work hard to live day to day, but I am a very honest, faithful, sincere person; Committed to the word and to the love and fear of God. I am single, and a very humble person, but with great dreams and vision of the future, of goals and purposes. In addition, one of my best characteristics, as a human being, is my great appraisal of the woman, that wonderful being that God placed beside us, to share life and destiny with her; I am the number 1 admirer of the woman, I respect, love and struggle, for women to be recognized for their dignity and good name, for the extraordinary role that as a wife, life partner and mother, she comes to play At the side of man, making it the only reproductive element of human life with man, and being the main center of inspiration for our soul; The sense of universal beauty, the interpretation of good and good, and the heart our motive for feeling beautiful; The reason for our joy, pleasure and happiness. From the perspective that God made, woman acquires in my life, a sublime meaning. Thus, my heart is a sacred altar, to love with devotion to that divine and blessed creature, offering from my soul quality of affection and time, according to the purpose of God for woman in the life of man. I think, that my personality and character, fulfill a profile of excellence, to realize the most beautiful dream that arises in the heart, that kind of woman, who longs to write about her life, a wonderful love story, for the Memories of many generations. By Derwell J Fallu60877661.f293e6


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