True or false.

Dear Wilfredo, Your inspiration and your ability to try to denigrate what I believe and for what I struggle for, I do not represent intelligent behavior, because your right to believe in something, does not grant you authority or power to change my way of thinking or To believe, no one has called you judge over me, so that you pretend to believe that you have the truth and that I do not. The fact that you and I, do not agree on what we believe, does not mean that you have the truth; That you are more Puerto Rican for believing in your ideals, than I, and all who believe in the Statehood. We know that many of you did not participate in the plebiscite, because you know that you will never be able to measure force with the statesman people, We are in power, because we are majority. The United States knows that Puerto Rico wants statehood, because the statesmen are majority, the plebiscite has been only a protocol to begin with the process of decolonization and the transition of status, of the new Puerto Rico. I do not like to judge anyone, but it gives a lot of pity, that you who think that they are very learned and too intelligent, the popular ones have used them all the time like the puppet of the Comay, at their whim and convenience, by those that you believe Are their allies, they are not only that, opportunists, who want neither one nor the other, but only opportunities in which they can find some kind of advantage. Only the most stupid of the universe, they may believe that it can be presumed sovereignty in a country that is not independent republic. The so-called sovereignists, if they really were, would have joined you and fight for the independent republic, because sovereignty, is synonymous, independence, but that is not theirs, the thing of these people, is another matter; Find opportunities, but without compromising. This kind of political philosophy is one that does a great deal of harm to a country, to a people, because they never compromise, and never look at the true interests of the people first and foremost, but their personal interests as Group, they are always first of all. You are mummies and toys of the popular, they should have us more respect, knowing that we have very defined our north and we know where is the target of our goal, we are not here and there, everybody knows, that we have very well put the Feet above the ground. Fear scares them! They knew that we were going to defeat them like a cock without feathers, even if they had the backing of the cowards of the popular, that even they, too, would be defeated without mercy at the polls. They were defeated, played the role of a clown not to go to the polls, under the pretext of boycotting the plebiscite, this reminds me, when we were children, and at school we fought, when one was shot down by the opponent, said, full of shame; He did not knock me down, I just slipped. The state has always won and this time, the statehood will be crowned, with the star number 51 of the American nation, Goodbye independence dreamers of fantasy dreams, Alice, the wonderland, already had its time, already had its time! Bye! Independence, it is time to give the formal Welcome to the Statehood; The new Puerto Rico, in a moment becomes the State number 51 of the American nation. By Derwell J Fallu60930780.1579f5


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