Your latters.

Hello! Beloved, The arrival of your letters, are like the light of the dawn of the morning; Of every day, all the feeling in your words, remind me, that you are everything I need and want in this life, to be complete and to be happy. It is a great challenge, this the one of the enormous distance that interposes between your body and mine, this situation, robs us half of life and to live, for all those things that we are missing, like, when going to bed , Every night, and to know that you are by my side and, when closing my eyes to sleep, you are always the last but beautiful that my eyes saw, but when I wake up every morning, I can see, that, not Just too, you are by my side, but you are the most beautiful that when I wake up I can look. As well as so many things, and that are what would make of both, that our lives are complete, full and very happy.

My beloved, I confess to you, that in the midst of all this solitude and this absence of you, your words are not only a consolation for me, but are the greatest good of my soul, every time I manage to have your letters. Because your words contain the feeling and the essence of everything that makes me feel alive and that gives me the hope of one day being able to live the fullness of life, when at last! Let it be fulfilled in me, my great dream of having you with me, as that eternal companion of life and, of a destiny, with which I must walk on time, on that route to the eternal.
By Derwell J Fallu60849259.ce31fb


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