Congratulations! To all parents in their day.

Father’s day is every day, because every day, Dad has a task with each child, with each daughter, and it will be very gratifying, when Dad stands out for doing what as a parent should do, and do it well, if The children recognize it; If they know how to thank. Being a father is an exclusive virtue for the nature of man, which involves a joint task with the mother, in the conception, upbringing and education of the children. Today is the turn to congratulate all the parents applied to that difficult, but beautiful task of engendering, raising and educating the children. Congratulations! Dad. This is the cycle of life, son you were and father you are today, that the fruit of the seed, which one day you sowed with love, is for the harvest of good that has to inherit your name and society for generations. Congratulations! To all parents. By Derwell J Fallu60951304.1440e7


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