Dinga or mandinga.

I believe that we should not embarrass people by publicly rubbing their faults. I think that this is a serious fault for the ethics of social conduct, lack of mercy and, in addition, it constitutes the imposition of a spirit of greatness, which, in no way, represents the humility that God approves. We know that there are those who go to church, and they have the habit of citing verses from the Bible, with the sole purpose of highlighting the faults or sins of someone in particular. For example: moralists who try desperately to change someone’s behavior, but who themselves, promote and approve laws that God abhors. People who condemn you to an eternal hell, because they do not like you as you dress, or as you comb, but they themselves, possibly, borrow and do not pay, or perhaps quietly commit horrible sins. Let no one believe, to quote biblical verses, to try to highlight sin or lack of someone, must have won the sky; There are so many things daily, in our lives, that we should modify, that we should not reach the time, to walk scrutinizing faults in the others, to make us seem the most sanctified. We must not forget that in this life, the one who has no dinga, has Mandinga, By Derwell J Fallu60869665.8eaadd


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