Love begins here!

Love starts here
Inside that little heart
In this little person
In the sweetness of that smile
In the light of her gaze
If love has a name
Camila call her
She is wisdom
That illuminates the soul
Of the heart the joy
the feeling
What is in her words
That fills the life and
That makes forget
Of pain and sorrow
To the wounded soul
Of a single mother
Comforted in her love
Love wait
Camila is the voice of love
Beyond pain
Of her innocent soul
And yet not knowing how to pronounce
my name
Di, I want to see you!
And in the sweet emotion
Of two hearts
Hers and mine
I hear Camila say
The most tender Di I love you
Which I have never heard.
By Derwell J Fallu61136874.cfd27a


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