Someone to love.

What is worth more in life is to have someone to love, but to have it at our side, and enjoy every thing of life with that person that we have become an important part of our existence and the space of our world; That person who makes everything else, makes sense and, for the same reason, helps us to understand and interpret the true meaning of life and to live. But we know that life is very short and the most complicated life is the mystery of not knowing the date of our departure to the eternal. So, that, pushes us to create an intensive agenda of the program of life that we want to live, although the development of this, is an issue that is unlikely. However, let me know the agenda that is in your mind, about your future plans in the present, because if I am part of your vision, to be someone important with whom you want to share life and everything, I suppose, that , If so, you will not let time pass on your desire to live that sweet reality, without doing anything about this important fact, to have found me, and, of me, to have fallen in love! By Derwell J Fallu61183282.07879d


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