Very Dear Lady Michelle Obama:

Very Dear Lady Michelle Obama:
Thank you very much for taking some time to write to me, I really appreciate your thinking of me, to share with me that beautiful story. Experiences like these can inspire the interest of becoming better people, motivating the will of individuals, in a positive sense of common cause, in order to achieve, through the good and humanitarian actions, we can achieve, that our world , Be one better for all.

Mrs. Michelle, humility is a characteristic of the human being, which not only allows us to have the sensitivity to identify the real needs of our neighbor and to be in the warmth and human contact with people, but also inspires us To seek solutions that alleviate the hardships of the neediest, and to be in perfect harmony with our God and heavenly Father.

This is how I end my letter, with words of deep thanks to you, and at the same time, I extend my cordial greetings to the Obama family. Blessings! Michelle.

Very cordially,

Derwell J FalluMichelle-Obama

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