Our destiny.

They dazzled me
All her charms, pretty woman!
It looked spectacular!
In that beautiful blue suit,
With her tender and sweet smile,
Clearly highlighting each line
Of her sculptural body;
Is that she is so beautiful and so sensual!
Like an Egyptian queen.
I was captivated by her gaze,
Said my name: Derwell,
you called me!
And it sounded so pretty
When she said it,
That was awakened in my soul,
Passion and emotion
And my heart was beating fast.
I wanted to have it,
To pose on her honey lips a rammed kiss,
Squeeze it on my chest
And make it mine,
in the heart
The flame of love burned,
The magic of a feeling that united us,
I marked a destination
For a nice love story,
Which should, share,
Forever our lives.
By Derwell J Fallu61175259.05e524


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