In you woman, God made my life perfect.

What a beautiful smile!
That disturbs my senses
And with that look so deep,
That reaches me to the soul,
I can not think of anything else when I look at you
You are more beautiful,
Of what I can say with words,
Creature divine and blessed,
how good!
God has put His grace in you.
Today I can see you
I can also understand who I am,
And when I think of you,
It is not difficult to guess,
What can be my life.
Although God has already said,
That it was not good to be alone,
without you,
I also have to know,
That for you my life will be well.
Just let me get inside you,
Where words do not arrive,
And fuse the heart feelings,
Of our souls
Let’s be the inspiration
And, let’s make our lives,
A universe.
By Derwell J Fallu61342944.a6d092


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