Jenniffer Gonzalez, so help you God for Puerto Rico!

The Puerto Rican people, our future and the great cause of Statehood, are being very well represented in the forums of the United States Congress, by the impressive woman, Jenniffer González, a woman who has put Puerto Rico first. Personal interests, and has dressed, with appropriate resources, to claim our right to equality and our petition to the United States government to become the nation’s Number 51 State: “The American citizens I represent They want to maintain self-government in local affairs. What is more important, they want to do it fully as a state. ” It is these Textual words of our Jenniffer González, before the congressmen and, on behalf of the people of Puerto Rico, about our claim to inclusion as a State of the nation. The professional and conscientious way in which she prepared the document of formal request of the State for the island, has deserved the attention of the congressmen and authorities that have to do with the subject in question. Everything goes very well until now, as Sail boat aft wind. There does not seem to be any resistance. The people who did not vote in the plebiscite, on June 11 last, made it very clear! The doors are open, and everything is ready, so that Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state of the American nation. Perhaps, unintentionally, those who did not vote in the referendum did us a favor by not going to the polls massively, as was to be expected, since that 97% of the votes we obtained represents more clearly the will of the people Puerto Rican. Jennifer, great job! The first woman commissioner resident of Puerto Rico in Washington, and in such a short time, from the exercise of her functions, she has obtained the allocation for Puerto Rico of more federal funds to the cause of the town than any other commissioner. Well done! Jenniffer so help you God for Puerto Rico! By Derwell J Falluimages (11)


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