Puerto Rico, in solidarity with the Venezuelan people.

United States of North America, the great country of dreams, symbol of freedom!
The dictatorship of communist governments, adopt the sense of freedom, when they have the opportunity and satisfaction to exercise their powers to control and oppress the people, removing their sovereign right and citizen to express their will and power to change those they represent And govern the people, by exercising their right to vote. The situation that our Venezuelan brothers live in is terribly chaotic, and demands solidarity action from those who believe in democracy as a system of freedom and opportunities for all, and the support of governments that exist to execute this discipline of Democracy, and assert this resource that promotes the true freedom of peoples. By Derwell J Fallu

Those who offered their lives for the freedom of the people, consecrated that land for the sake of freedom. Maybe there are those who do not remember having read or heard of it in a speech, but they can never forget what they did, because many of them with their lives defended their beliefs and we have to dedicate ourselves to making ideals a reality for the That they fought defending them with their lives. Every citizen who knows what the value of freedom means, it is imperative! That there is a duty to dedicate ourselves to maintaining as a reality the ideals for which they fought defending them with their own lives, must be a citizen’s commitment, to ensure that those brave who gave their lives have not died in vain, and that, with The protection of God, let us revive freedom for the nation, and let the government of the people, for the people and for the people, never disappear from the face of the earth. Puerto Rico, in solidarity with the Venezuelan people.images (3)


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