I have discovered!

Light eyes!
As of crystalline waters
Of a serene and calm beach,
Or as droplets of rain
On the petals of a pretty flower.
I see in your eyes
A universe of love
And in your smile,
the feeling
Of blessed passion
That captivates me.
I want to pose
On your lips honey a kiss
To see if so,
I manage to calm
I thirst to love you, I have.
I look at you,
And I never tire of looking at you,
Is that you are perfect;
Awesome work of art!
I see in you,
What in no other woman
I can see,
Because through your look,
I can enter
In your in,
And scrutinize
The most secret corners of your soul,
And discover
So many beautiful and good things,
And I take account,
what are you,
Everything that my life lacks.
By Derwell J Fallu61421052.c513e4


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