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When a woman, she contemplates relating to someone, as a couple, but thinks of herself, by virtue of everything she can offer from her perspective and physical nature, as well, as, from her appearance, and not from the formation Of their values and the personality that defines their character, capacity and behavior, ceases to be a good match, to the interest of building a future of shared life. The same applies to man. What, from the physical perspective, we can all offer, in any we can find. But, what is worth more; To coincide in those abstract things, as they are: feelings, will, love, commitment, goals, dreams and purposes, all these things, when it comes to planning a project of shared life as a family, acquire relevance About the context, of wanting to establish a relationship based on the appearance and the physical profile of the people. By Derwell J Fallu61267368.c0fd98


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