This message is addressed, to the Fiscal Control Board.

This message is addressed to the Fiscal Control Board:
After knowing in its background, its proposal on issues and actions in good faith, whose purpose is to look for alternatives to resolve the embarrassing fiscal situation that crosses our island, I wish, with great respect, and in full consciousness of judgment, to expose what I think to that particular and, nevertheless, to present my personal suggestion.

I have no doubt, of that, when Mr. Barack Obama, thought of you for this suicide mission, he did it with the certainty of having chosen the best ones in this field. Believe me, I contacted Mr. Obama to ask him for some action that might help with the problem that Puerto Rico is going through, and without doubt, I think that encouraged him to choose you, to be part of the team, that He would try to rescue the country from the ravine.

Alejandro García Padilla, when in his turn, as governor, tried to take steps to find a viable alternative to the situation, I suggested that he review his team of advisors, since they were taking actions, which did not generate the expected results, and He replied that he had the best in the world in the financial field. I answered him with a lot of respect, that if he did, neither he nor Puerto Rico nor I would be so worried about the situation.

To the present, Governor, Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, I have asked you in a number of ways and ways, a meeting, to give you some documents that I have prepared, related to the situation in the country and which could contain important information related to Some viable alternative and that he should review, not having succeeded in any of my attempts with the governor until the moment.

Now I have the hope that some of you can read this message that I try to send you, to see if your experience and capacity, does not make them insensitive to think that no one else could collaborate in this cause of public interest, the common welfare Of our people. The words of former President Obama; Reading and being in touch with people, that made me, not just a better person, but a better leader. That earned him my admiration.


I have no doubt that all your decisions and actions, in this particular, are based on your experience in the field for what you have prepared, and in order to achieve the solution to the problem. However, I think that a little light, in addiction, would not hurt. With regard to the proposal to remove the aid to the citizens, I have analyzed and understood the purpose and results that you bet on.

It seems to me perfect initiative, except for one or more details that deserve to be considered in context with the subject and intention. Here you, who have been appointed to work this situation, have been subjected under the fire of creditors, bond insurers etc, and this has forced them to implement intensive plans, which he believes would help. However, I think the great pressure has not allowed them a bit of a respite to contemplate with sufficient clarity, the whole panorama and the certainty of the responses of the actions they take. For example:

Garcia Padilla, he thought, that taxes here, raise the cost of basic services, increases to this and that, and a law that would generate a few million dollars, according to the calculations of the team of his financial advisers, would Part of the solution to the country’s fiscal problem. But Garcia Padilla and his advisers did not count, that all this pressure of increases, cuts and laws for the purpose of collection, was going to give an opposite result to what they expected, since, the consuming people, without resources to stretch the dollar , With which he barely survives, without other job opportunities, for the same fact, companies that had to close, people who no longer bought, as he used to, but limited himself to the indispensable and many other similar reactions that led to Some banks, car dealers, other important companies to the reception, were forced to close operation, because also they could not with the load of taxes and taxes, that surpassed their income. Others were forced to reduce personnel and others, had no alternative to definitively close operations.

All this brought as a result, that before the great increase of the crisis, an inevitable leak of people was generated to the continent, in search of a better future for them and theirs.

His proposal failed, because the revenue ceased to enter the income that was expected from the ambitious plan. The situation got worse, resulting; Worse cure than disease. If taken into consideration, measures for the State, which once went through a bankruptcy experience similar to that of Puerto Rico, without taking into account important details such as, the State was in the same territorial geography of the United States , Puerto Rico no. This is significant in contrast to one place and the other, and puts them at a disadvantage, because when people are pressured into their daily routine, without having an immediate viable alternative, the resource that is contemplated is the migration to other destinations in Where they can maintain their balance of life. And this does not suit you, or you, who seek a solution to this monumental problem, or even to the creditors, post, which, for every citizen who leaves the island, translates into resources that fail to enter the general fund.

It would be a fatal mistake! If they remove them suddenly, they help these people who do not have another resource, if they do not establish the tools that compensate the transition of the state of situation of those affected. We must take into account that this is a country with a very high unemployment rate, and that the last past governments have not worried, in the least. By the structure of the creation of sources of jobs. If they execute this action, the forecast, will be catastrophic for Puerto Rico, nobody could stop the migratory exodus and the island would be almost deserted, not to mention, that would shoot, crime, crime, thefts; Assaults, etc. Who would then be taxed? Where resources would go to the general fund? I augur you, there will not be many who will encourage to invest in an empty and broken country.

I have many real ideas, which can contribute positively to the situation of the country, the problem is that you do not know me, and perhaps like Governor Rossello, think, what Juan de los Parlotes can do! When the big ones in the field, we are in charge of this situation. Do not forget, someone who was not known by anyone, but who had a name and was called Jose, saved a country from misery and hunger, and kept another alive at the most critical moments. It was a real resource in the midst of a situation, which the wise governor knew how to take advantage of.

If they want to go ahead alone, they have the power to do it, but if they believe that a little light can serve them, here I am unconditionally for Puerto Rico and, I know, that there will be many more. I know I can, but I also know, that many of the decisions that are being taken, may not have the expected result.

May the almighty bring you this message that the lamb allow you to be flexible to consider other alternatives. By Derwell J Fallu
Tel .: 787 980 5028


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