The download of Derwell J Fallu.

There are some who think of President Donald Trump, of a madman and an impulsive person, who, perhaps, does not know what he says, does or thinks. But I want to review, two points about President Trump, so that those who do not understand, learn and the foolish gain advice.

Trump said in a recent message that was posted on social networks, “I have not come to the White House for me, but for you” (for the American people). This is significant, because many are not really looking for positions of political leadership, in order to represent the real interests of the people, who are supposed to represent but, no doubt, go for their own personal interests. And this has been the case for many politicians who have had to do with the bankruptcy of Puerto Rico, plundered the country and indebted it, until the creditors, had to degrade the credit of Puerto Rico to scrap.

In any sense of the word, they threw Puerto Rico down the ravine, a flock of insensible, to fill their coffers were able, even to take God from the house of government, and almost from the country.

Unlike this man, whom many believe a madman, his strong zeal and desire to return to the nation to God, evidences it with his courageous actions, starting with his salary of only one {$ 1: 00}, incredible dollar Per month, or $ 12 per year, for payments, for his role as president of the nation. In contrast to our leaders, who earn more than all US officials, when they talk about cutting their exorbitant salaries, they jump on the roof. But the most incredible thing is that with the situation that the country lives, there are those who have the pants of even, increase the salary, when you talk in Puerto Rico of wanting to reduce the working day, which earns only to survive.

Insensitive! Who believe that God did not pass the bill to them in due course. Congratulations! Mr. President Donald Trump, you started well; God help you to fulfill your dream of rescuing the country for God. By Derwell J Falludownload (6)


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