Attention! To the Fiscal Control Board.

As I mentioned in my previous statement to the Fiscal Control Board, the people are the main resource, medium of greater income to the general fund
Of the country, in every conceivable way possible. If the government that manages our resources, does not deal with being flexible to establish laws that make the media viable, to facilitate people who achieve their aspirations to develop in the field of business and commerce, and entrepreneurs, find it easy The way to establish their businesses, but on the contrary, the government, you who manage the resources of the country, becomes diligent in establishing laws that make it difficult to manage and concentrate only on establishing taxes to seek money from wherever, even Exceed the resources generated by the people, and, likewise, unpaid tariff increases, to basic services, without considering the stability of income generated by users, then, we must consider, these professionals in the field of finance, which Do not consider these aspects, are administering a wrong tool, which goes in reverse of the line of progress. Thus, the proposal to reduce the working hours of the few who have jobs in this country, can not be a management that makes sense in order to find a solution to the fiscal problem and the crisis that the country is experiencing. A totally wrong proposition. I told Garcia Padilla before, and I tell you that too now.

My suggestion is that you, instead of following the wrong administration of public policy developed by the former governor, do the reverse; Generate jobs, establish flexible laws so that people can create their businesses without major inconveniences, seek resources to reduce public utilities, water, public transportation etc, and then there will be money running in the country, to collect taxes and And companies and businesses will not only grow but expand. Foreign companies will be encouraged to come and invest in the country, and then there will be resources to pay the debt and people will be happy and happy because they will have Shelter, shelter and shelter.

The creditors, who should sit down to re-negotiate the aspects of the financial commitment contracted, in the context of this suggested development proposal, because otherwise, Puerto Rico will sink more in the misery and the country would be extinguished, with less Possibilities of meeting creditors and achieving progress and growth. Thus, this is the safest and quickest way to get Puerto Rico to float and the bondholders can recover all of their money invested. By Derwell J Fallucropped-cropped-14754290-3d-bandera-de-puerto-rico


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