Reflective note!

Reflective Note:

Today, in some parts of the world, family and friends come together in a sharing and to pray and thank God for life and for the many benefits we receive from him every day. Those who believe and those who do not believe in God; Those who believe we have so many reasons to believe in their existence and is also our motive, not only to give thanks today, but every day. Those who do not believe in God seem to have no reason to believe that it does not exist or to believe that it does exist. We do not know! What we do know is that it must be something horrible for those who, having the evidence before their eyes, that a supreme being is the author of all created things, do not have the capacity to accept the attribution of the authorship of their Magna creation. I will then share what happened to a friend of mine. As recent as last week. Her husband was hospitalized, and because of smoking, they had their lungs damaged, they had to remove the lungs with irreparable damage, leaving them with a very bad stretch, so that, in order to try to restore some of their remaining lungs , It has been necessary to use oxygen tank for {12} weeks, according to the medical prescription. The case is that each tank of oxygen has a maximum duration of just two weeks and the cost per tank is $ 500.00, plus the 12 weeks, which should use oxygen, would make a total of $ 3000.00. Those of us who use free, the oxygen of God, without which life would be impossible, is not a great reason to thank God every day? Of course it is, in addiction to so many other things that are also benefits, but we would not have time, nor space to mention here. I close my note with this advice for smokers: Life is enjoyed more without smoking, do not waste your life with a silly addiction like smoking. If you live, enjoy the fullness of life, using it in something of benefit, something that builds, something good for you, your families and for others. By Derwell J FalluMe_at_supper_market[1](1)


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