The rebirth of life.

As, when, that day,
To leave the womb of our mother,
We open the world and life,
our eyes,
That day the time came,
Without knowing where we came from,
Nor where we go,
we smile,
If the beautiful and good of the world,
And, for that which hurts us
And that it also hurts;
we cry,
And although between falls and raised
We continue,
Over time life;
the March,
And between heaven and earth
A destiny awaits us,
To the other side of time and distance;
Eternal place of the soul.
Meanwhile, here,
every day
Is an opportunity,
It is the rebirth of life
And it is,
For my happiness my happiness,
if by God,
I find here,
with whom
In my journey to the eternal,
I can share my life
By Derwell J Fallu61266107.a96420


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