To hear me or to read me, the bondholders, the Board and the government.

To hear me or to read me, the bondholders, the Board and the government; I agree, that if those who administered the resources of the public system of the country, borrowed, and, either, that they have misunderstood or mismanaged, that they establish responsibilities. However, it must be taken into account that the people have also been victims of those who took money in their name, who never knew how they administered, or their destiny. As a result of this atrocious barbarism, our country is in the broken bank, the bad administration of the governments, they have all the public and private systems, in their lowest rating, and a country with a very high rate of unemployment and poverty. We are going to stop talking about reducing working hours, and we are going to work to get the country off the ravine we have been put into. You bondholders and fiscal control board, do not pretend to disappear the map island with so much pressure to collect your money, we are going to create resources, that generate income that we can pay what our inconsiderate leaders borrowed, but we need a truce , To get the country to emerge from the ashes as a phoenix. In the meantime we need the collaboration of everyone, and you, members of the fiscal control board, chose them to take steps to manage the country, not to sink it with its measures so similar to those of these Governments to whom we owe this sad situation. If you do not know how to do it, then seek help, that in the town we have people who, if we know how Puerto Rico can rise afloat again and this terrible situation. By Derwell J Fallu58519599.d73122


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