A great virtue of the Puerto Rican people.

Today, I lost my cell phone, this can be a bit traumatic; However, not so much because of the device as such, but because it is a work resource, in which we accumulate important information that malicious people could use irresponsibly. In that sense, I want to review here, a great virtue of the Puerto Rican people, we when we find lost objects like this, we are very honest and we always look for the way to return it to its owner, except, if an indigent user finds it, that in this Case, it takes it as an opportunity to earn some money. The importance of this is that, when we do what is right in these cases, we fulfill two laws of God for this; To love our neighbor as ourselves, and what you want men to do with you, do it with them. I have already taken some measures on accounts, as is usually done in these cases, but I hope that if anyone found it, and generously wishes to return it, I have left a voice message. So you can communicate with me. Thank you. By Derwell J Fallu61490243.96acad


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