Of general interest!

I have a document, which I have prepared for years and very meticulously, with great effort, dedication, integrity, concern and with the participation of other citizens, who have contributed a bit about their vision of achieving a better Puerto Rico. This has been, with the intention of sharing all this very important information, with the Governor. And this document contains many measures that can serve to achieve a better aesthetic in the appearance of Puerto Rico, as a country and as a people. Measures, which also have a very clear purpose of improving the security of citizens in many respects; Ways to achieve a greater influx of money into the general fund of government, which can be achieved by shoveling many financial matters, without having to lacerate until bleeding the already battered and sick pocket of the people. There are many measures that can increase tourism in Puerto Rico, which are also aimed at improving the citizen’s social profile and, to implement the creation of jobs without limits and, that foreign entrepreneurs are inspired to come to establish business, in the country. Among many other things, not least, are some measures inspired by the need to stop the exodus of professionals and citizens, who are in need of leaving the country in search of a better future for them and theirs, Future that, the crisis facing the country, does not allow them to contemplate achieving here for the moment. And, in addition, measures aimed at making many Puerto Ricans, who have gone to the mainland, and who wish to return home, can be inspired to return with the assurance that they will find Puerto Rico that they have always dreamed of. To give you an idea, there are many measures, which are being neglected, and for this and other reasons, create inconveniences and do not allow us to achieve progress on the island in many sectors and dependencies, for example: Traffic Laws; Drivers occupying the left lane violating the speed limit, obstructing and congesting the traffic without the interest of understanding the collective need of others. It is very common to see, in the aforementioned lane, people texting or talking on the phone without the hands-free devices, old people, who seem to feel more comfortable guiding in that lane on the left, but do not realize, that the speed used by They violate the laws that improve our taxiing system on the roads of the country at the convenience of all citizens, and that, as a lane dedicated to a speed that allows greater and faster traffic flow, we must take into account , That ambulances, a medical emergency system, should gain greater free access through this dedicated lane, but many citizens use it disrespecting traffic laws without understanding the rights of others. To mention only some that we understand, that these should be reviewed by the relevant authorities, and in order to generate an orientation campaign, aimed at making them remember, respect and comply with these laws conveniently for all, we also include drivers who park Their vehicles on the sidewalks, for many citizens, sidewalks, are the awnings where they keep their vehicles, thereby forcing the pedestrian walking on those sidewalks, throw themselves into the street, unnecessarily putting their lives at risk, for Irresponsible and inconsiderate drivers, this in addiction; Which by obstructing sidewalks violate the rights of handicapped persons or persons with disabilities, such as the blind and the ladies who walk with baby cars, etc. There are many things, in which the government and the different departments have neglected but were established in the interest of having a better society and a better country. By Derwell J Falluimages (3)


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